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Book hoarders unite

Book hoarders unite I love being a book hoarder. I love knowing I have a pile of books in most rooms waiting to be opened, ventured into and enjoyed. I get that sometimes, it is just as good to buy the books and have them waiting to be explored.  The thing is, like teacups, I cannot stop buying them! I justify it by thinking, I will give some of my others to charity or friends. Yet, here they are, still piling up on my coffee table. My daughter moved a pile the other night, so she could see the TV! This quote is so fab. I totally agree!  I have always collected books, from being little with my Enid Blytons. I would go into WH Smith in town and spend my birthday or Christmas £1.50 book voucher excitedly. I would line up all my books on my bookshelf until I needed a bigger bookshelf! I also loved Milly Molly Mandy and My Naughty Little Sister books. How lovely to go play with Little Friend Susan and Billy Blunt, past the forge and by the brook! Climbing the trees in the orchard and havin

The uninvited guest

 The uninvited guest You never see them enter; they slip in when least expected to an invitation only event. You're not aware at the time. They call it blissfully unaware. Too right. I have added these quotes later, as I love to see the colourful quotes in amongst the words! I thought Roald Dahl summed up what I was saying very well!  When I look back, I can pinpoint the very moment my anxiety turned itself into OCD. The very moment is etched on my brain forever. OCD could mean many things: Oh, colourful day One cute doggy I have since seen this quote on pinterest, so obviously had to add it, even though I do not have any cats! I do have these but I, along with thousands of other folk, have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I also have a very good imagination which actually does not help! I go from normal to catastrophiising in 0 to 60 seconds! So, I know I had terrible anxiety before this day but it is only now, that I see this OCD was just a part of that. It was just another way of