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Bring it on! Bring what on? I hear you say. Well, I'm not really sure but bring it on anyway! Three powerful words to help you move forward, to get started again when you have been coasting through life for a bit. And not the kind of coasting done in an open top down Florida Keys!  Sometimes, we need to face life head on. Other times, we can go hide away for a bit or just watch it pass us by. Three small words but said together, they hold much meaning. No more coasting and letting life slide by. No more 'we'll seeing'. We can easily get caught up in letting things happen, standing by on the sidleines of our own lives. We forget what it felt like to have some control.  Everyone has so many plans then life happens. I suppose it is making detours and reversing then getting lost. We may look like we know where we are going but inside we are hoping the Sat nav will guide us. We do, at times, need to be our own Sat Nav, listen to our own inner voices. Not just listen to