Nothing compares to you

This quote is so true and it is definitely suited to the modern age of consumerism we live in. We are all guilty of falling into the trap of comparing ourselves with others and counting how many sprinkles are on their ice cream, when what's important is how many are on your own! And where does comparing ourselves to others? Like the next quote says, it gets us nowhere.

Soon as you let go comparing with others, you do feel happier. I must admit that this is easier said than done!

We are different, on our own journeys in life. We've all started at different points and times, so again, why compare with what someone has achieved when they may have had two extra years doing it!

It's fab thar we are all originals; all masterpieces in our own rights. We don't all peak at the same time. Like the quote says, we all have our own time to shine.

It is a human trait to compare and even though it is great to have a bit of friendly competition, it's not helpful when comparing if we only see the better things of people when we are comparing.

It's much better to remember that everyone has Behind the scenes moments, not just ourselves! It's much better when we are not comparing, especially at work. It's so much easier when people help and support each other, rather than compete.

This next quote is definitely true. End of.

So, remember, the next time you start thinking someone is better at you, they're not! We all have similarities and we can see parts of ourselves in other people but no one is us.


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