The Good Life

The Good Life.

When I think of this title, I automatically think of the 1970s sitcom with the lovely Penelope Keith and Richard Briers. I absolutely love Penelope Keith as an actress, especially in this and 'Rosemary and Thyme'. I love her smiley nature and her mischevious look. Also, she has aged so well. It must be the good life!

I love this photo of Tom and Barbara, such solid names. They are so happy growing their greens and working together in the garden. Perhaps hubby and I could start an alotment in the new year? Or a cabbage patch? Well, just watering our house plants would be a jolly good start!

There is something so fulfilling about growing your own food, harking back to the Dig for Victory campaign in World War 2. Getting out into the open air and producing tasty fruit and vegetables to enjoy for yourself. Being self sufficient must be so rewarding. Just look at the smiles on their faces in this photo!

Tom and Barbara were so down to earth and grounded and always stood apart from the posh Jeremy and Margo. But it was always lovely to see how it takes all different folk in life and even with their differing views, they all got on quite spiffingly!

I love this next quote about being different and not just putting a show of good on for the world. It's also about being true to yourself. The Good Life does make me think of the 70s programme, eating organically and drinking green tea so you have a good life internally. It's not just physical. It's emotionally and spiritually too. Eat well, drink well and think well. Good thoughts shine out of you.

There is so much good in the world, in life  in people. Keep reminding yourself of all this goodness. It is easy to dwell on the negative more than the positive.

This is a great quote too. How nice just to help someone without expecting anything in return. It does feel good helping others, knowing you are useful.

Everyone has something they can give to others, to help. It's finding your strengths, what you are good at and can offer to help those around you.

Don't forget to include yourself in all this lindness! Save some of your good deeds for you!

This last sentence reminds me of when I was a Brownie Guide and our motto was 'Lend a Hand'. It doesn't take much to do this, as a child and as an adult. Your helping hand could change that person's day so much. A quick five minutes from you and it stays with them for the rest of the day. This next quote is brilliant. Too many people are so good at pointingout what is wrong with you, rather than helping you with what you are stuck on.

Obviously it's not all good! We need some lows to make the highs so great and we need to learn to wait out the worse times, knowing better times are to follow.
I do try to look at life in a positive way, as do the people around me. But we are human and sometimes we do let negativity take over. We are not like the nodding dogs on that Churchill advert. We may, sometimes just want to stay in for the day or sit and read. We need to see this as a good thing though, a recharging of our batteries. A good day on the Saturday might be town with friends and a meal but on Sunday, a dog walk and reading a book. It's fab as long as you are enjoying it. Think happy thoughts and smile or focus on what might go wrong or compare your day to someone you think om spcial media has had a more awesome day and you are going to end the day disappointed.

One of my fave ever songs is 'Perfect Day' by Lou Reed. I love the simplicity of why it was 'such a perfect day'. Not only did he spend it with someone he loved, he did the most simple of things that made him content. I think of tgis often, when I walk through our local parks. Like today, meeting up with lovely family in the morning in a new cafe. Then dog walking with fab friends around the res and visiting the little tearoom. Then back to ours for a chippy tea, kareoke, dance comp, cards and a board game, all mixed with love and laughter. You can't get more perfect than that! So what if it wasn't a champagne breakfast at Harvey Nics or afternoon tea at the Ritz? It was absolutely perfect watching the sun set on the lake, the dog wagging its tail, us chatting away as we walked. Living the good life and feeling good.

It is about appreciating what you have and yes, striving for that bit more but not spending your life always craving for something else, something bigger, something other folk have.

It is the little things in life that count and make you happy when they are all added together. Lovely family and friends, gorgeous pets, a song, a poem, a sunset, a walk. All these things make life grand and appreciation makes life good. Like Lou Reed sang, it can be the normal things you can enjoy. He was so happy that he 'drank sangria in the park' which sounds fab to me. I love where he goes to on to sing,
'Feed animals in the zoo.
Then later a movie too, and then home'.
Just the normal, everyday things, made better by the company!


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