Don't judge a book by its cover

I love that quote! Who knows what amazing magic people have behind their exterior?
I try not to judge a book by its cover, unless it's a real book as the covers do draw me in! I try to make a judgement on someone when I've met them a few times and then I err on finding the good, the gold. I do overlook the odd not so good because, who is perfect? Nobody. The good should be magnified. Then, your lives will be richer!

I love this next quote. Some people's goodness just shines through. They just make you feel better by seeing them. They have no ulterior motives. They just like being with you and you with them.

This quote made me laugh but it is so true. A few times I've had folk smile to my face, nod in understanding, give me a hug then go and tittle tattle to others. We've all had it I suppose. Every time I've said, I've learned now; I won't be so open with people until I know who to confide in, particularly in a work environment. Then I've gone and just done it again! I suppose it's just the way I am! I am a little bit less heart on sleeve but it's always there!

The same with this quote. Some people can be all friendly on the outside, you open up and they, like quicksand, swallow you up into their life of drama! Not for me anymore thankyou very much!

I do try not to judge. Blooming heck, I know I am far from perfect! At least, keep your judging internal! If you think someone has a new hairdo that doesn't suit them, keep it to yourself. They paid big money for it and are probably thinking it themselves anyway. Why add fuel to that fire?

Oh my goodness. When I think of all my past mistakes, all my poor judgements and decisions. Too many to count! When I look back on how I reacted to them, again, I could have handled many of them a lot better. That wonderful thing called hindsight! However, I did get over them and come out the other end! I definitely was stronger than I thought I ever was. Yes, judge the solution, not the problem!

Understanding is such an important thing in relationships. I always say, when people ask me about my chronic illness, we don't really want sympathy but a bit of understanding. You don't need to have gone through something to 'get it'. You won't truelly know but you can empathise and imagine how it feels. When that understanding is there, support is there too.

This next quote is deep! We kind of know our own intentions, even when things go wrong.  We know we meant well and it's not our fault that something didn't work out. Maybe we need to think about this a bit more with others? I've done it myself when I've been frustrated!

It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking, 'If that were me, I would not have done that' or 'Why did they do that?' Not only are we all different and have different reactions, how can we know how we will feel and what we will do if we are ever in that situation? Nobody knows. Also, when things have gone wrong, we berate ourselves enough without the dreaded "I told you so!" That really riles me!

I really relate to this next quote. My mum and I are both bubbly, friendly, smiley people. We carry this happiness around, no matter what is going on in our private lives. We are known for always answering, "I'm fine." Who wants to hear a woe is me soliloquy on the bus or when you bump into them in the shop? We always manage a laugh and always leave each other feeling better for our interactions. Just because we might be loud in a cafe or shop, well, mainly me! Just because we stop, like my Gran, and talk to everybody who serves us, or happens to be standing in the queue with us, doesn't mean we are full of the joys of spring inside. I have learned though, from my two greatest female role models, to leave your problems at home, shelve them, discuss with your nearest and dearest and don't carry them around with you, like a heavy rucksack on your back. 

Yes. Loud and bubbly can be very deceiving indeed. That's why I love this quote about the special people who see past this. The few who truely know you. 

I really loved this quote I saw on a friend's page. I do this! As do many others I know! It feels reassuring to know it's not only me!

I wanted to finish on a fab quote that sums this blog up. If we always try to be kind and not judge, everyone's day will surely be better. 


  1. Yes be kind. It's a good job we are all different though or the World would be a boring place!


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