Love Big!

Love Big

Yes! Love Big! And I'm not meaning the bloke from Sex and the City! I'm meaning, we get one life, one chance to grab what opportunities we have been given and give it our all.
I have loved big time for all my existence! I have never approached anything in a light hearted manner. At school, I joined every club going. I'd just put my hand up. I'm not sure how it happened but I even ended up in the Chess club! I've always been known as the one who 'will give it a go'. And it's no bad thing because this open minded attitude has got me ppaces, it's made me meet people I may not have met- lovely, interesting people with a similar attitude to my own. Every hobby or job I have started, I have given my all. Why give anything less?

I love this next quote though and it has taken me a long time to see this. We can't possibly give our all to everyone. I've tried! Give your all to those nearest and to those who appreciate it!

In fact, I have lived by this fab motto of Giving it your all for such a long time. Well, the mobile phone and love of coffee came later! Now, if my coffee cup isn't full, then all is not right with the universe!

As a teenager, I was so confident. I never questioned myself; I just joined in and went for it. I was a good team player though, not really interested in the winning but the taking part and the comaraderie. Which is the spiel every teacher tells you when your team has lost! For me, it was enough. This feeling of being part of a team, looking out for each other followed me into my teaching jobs and has stayed with me even now. When I searched quotes about working as a team, this was my fave and says it all.

So, love big, throw yourself into it and give it your all. Life is too short. I really do not do things by halves. If something is a passion, then it really is a passion! I love this way of approaching things. I find it brings enjoyment and satisfaction.

I love this next quote. Be proud of your interests and what makes you tick! Obviously, don't shout it out like that Dom Joly bloke who used to walk about on his massive, 'brick' phone,
"I'm on the phone!"
Can you imagine that? Make it more of a pin wearing, badges on your denim jacket stating,
'I love coffee, books and wine'.

It's about 'being all there' too. Which links to the things I've written about mindfulness. Channel your focus into where you are and what you are doing. Give the folk around you your attention! Live that moment then, not as a recap or a revisit after the occasion.

When we truely live in the moment, whether it is a happy, excited, worried, sad or depressing moment, we are still present in the now. We are experiencing life as is, not as was or as it might be. It is all we have - the now. That is how we make the most of it. Feel it all and live it all. We may not like or cherish every moment but it is all these little moments that make up our one, big life. 

This made me laugh, even though it is an amazing quote, because I cannot envisage myself running for anything at the moment. Not even a bus! I totally get it though. We do forget we have one life, one chance to be all we can be. Live and love big!


  1. Yes you only get one life. Make the best if it. Great blog!

    1. Thankyou! Every day is a special occasion!

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