Mindful, not mind full

I've been reading a lot about mindfulness lately and I love this quote. I used to be the person walking the dog, all the time. We'd go on walks and my mind really wasn't there for most of the time. It was back, over analysing stuff from the past or worrying about events in the future. It was only when I left teaching that I slowly started to empty my mind of stuff. It took quite a while! I began walking in our local park and started noticing the trees and flowers. Very powerful indeed!

Just like this picture, which I love, I'm getting closer to the dog's way of thinking! I'm nearly there! We do have a tendency to be distracted, us humans when we are walking in nature. I'd be on my phone, texting someone, probably work related! Or I'd be telling my family about something that happened that I needed closure from. Again, often work related! Now, I just feel the grass under my feet, feel the breeze on my face, hear the birds in the trees, take way too many photos of flowers and stand, staring up at the majestic sky. I too, am aware, like the dog, how lucky I am to be walking with lovely company! If we don't focus on who we are with, we might as well go out on our own! If we don't concentrate on our surroundings, we may as well stay in and watch it on the telly!

I suppose it is about decluttering our minds, just as we feel better when we declutter our houses. I totally get that when we get rid of excess stuff we don't need, clearing surfaces and rooms, this also makes us feel better too. At times, my mind can get fuller but I notice it now and when my mind is being noisy or busy, I meditate it out.

I love this idea of disconnecting to reconnect. Just like electrical goods at home. Unplug for a bit! Well, that's just what I did! I slowly disconnected from the negative situations I had found myself in, distancing myself from the mind games and criticism. You do start reconnecting on a more positive level with everything.

Unfortunately, this does not happen over night. Things you have been through, especially involving people you loved and cared for, blooming well hurt. The rawness stays on for a while. It is only two years on from leaving teaching, I now feel nearly healed. Like with everyone, there are triggers to remind us of our lost careers and people who we thought were our friends. It does get easier every time. I wrote a blog last year about not feeling strong enough to face certain people, so I hid in bushes. Which was hard seeing as it was Winter! Now? Bring it on, I say! I'm not up to a full on confrontation but I tell you what, gone are the days of hiding in a bush, hiding behind my menu or pretending to stop in the wine aisle to read every wine label until that person had gone. I've stopped trying to please everyone and fit into a mould of who I was not. I've realised I am me, this is it. It is up to others if they like that, not me. Head held high from now on!

It is true that, because of a few people, who mess with our minds, constantly criticising and playing mind games, it can make us doubftul of our strengths. We start analysing what folk say and worrying what they may be thinking about us. Most times, however, folk aren't thinking anything!

What do you think of yourself? That's the important question. What do you like about you? Focus on that. Maybe others might then?
I spent a time, near the ebd of teaching, trying to fit in. This was weird how I left my long term place of work where I was so confident and just fitted in, to then feeling the need to fit in and keep up. It was like teaching had changed so much, yet I hadn't. It takes its toll on your self esteem does that!

This is so true. We cling on to negative situations and toxic people. But why? I know, for me a big part of it was, ironically for comfort. Stay where you are, rather than trying again. Or, just making excuses for people who had changed or had just maybe shown their true colours. It is so much better walking away, like Craig David. I finally realised unless I was appreciated, I just wasn't sticking around or waiting, begging for friendship. Can't be that good really, if you have to ask for it.

It has actually taken me a bit to write to this blog. I started it ages ago after watching a You tube video of the amazing Ruby Wax. She was talking about mindfulness and the fact our brains can only fixate in one thing. So if we are starting to worry, touch something next to you or focus on an object. If you are concentrating on the colour of a lamp, you aren't worrying your worry. She was amazing in her talk and I really want to read her books. The Mindfulness Guide for the Frazzled looks really good. In fact, that's a brilliant way of describing how I once felt. I'm sure some of you will have felt the same.

I do love this next quote from Ruby Wax for those who let their thoughts run away with themselves. The downside to having such a good imagination! We have to remember that they are only thoughts and as real or as important as they seem in your head, they are only what you are perceiving. When you don't feel good enough, that isn't actually a fact. That is your own spin on it after probably being undermined or doubted until the point you set your own brain onto auto critical pilot!

I am now on a quest for inner peace. It has become so important to me to feel at peace with myself. I have slowly come to terms with my past. I mean, I've no magic wand that is going to change anything have I? I spent so long and wasted too much time trying to fit in and trying to get certain people to like me, to get me. Now, I will listen to the vibes of situations more! I'm sitting quite happy where I am now and trying not to worry too much on the future. I'm having more Que sera Doris Day moments now!

It's important we stop fighting to keep up, to pretend we are ok when obviously we are struggling. It is a relief to own up to the fact you aren't actually Wonder Woman. Put that thought away. No one is Wonder Woman!

When my mind was full, it was brimming over with trivial and rubbish. But at the time, the crap going through my mind was real. It's only when you step back and look at it more from a different viewpoint that you realise you have to offload some stuff; you can't carry other folk's stuff too. You can some of it, but not all. When your mind is loud, you can't hear your soul whispering to you. Quiten that mind, offload some of it and get back reaquainted with you, your soul.

I'm only just realising now that this peace of mind is priceless. You cannot put a price tag on it. What is the point in materialistic things without peace of mind?

Yes! Just this! We can all mind our own spiritual business!

So, I have recently taken up meditation on a daily basis and I feel I am responding very well to it. I love the letting go feeling. This quote is very good. I can now see me hugging my own soul! Or giving it a high five!

Meditation does repair you by honing in on you yourself. It kind of brings you back to you, when you have been concentrating on everything but yourself.

Meditation isn't just an evening thing when you rest and relax to go to sleep. Although, I admit, it has really helped me to start sleeping deeper. I also meditate within the day. I find it refreshes me and focuses my mind more. I am now not trying to fit too much into one day. If I need to rest, I do. I am, at the moment, concentrating on doing less with more focus. I now bring more me to activities and occasions.

I had also been doing Tai chi for my arthritis and it was very good. I must start doing this again. I would also love to take yoga up. I tried Pilates but was so intent on feeling for my pelvic floor and my core, whilst worrying about my breathing, I don't think I gave it my all!
Yoga sounds and looks amazing for flexibilty and spirituality. This quote makes me very curious!

When I saw this quote, it made me laugh because we do sometimes force ourselves to not think of anything which makes us think about the leotard the instructor is wearing, what we are having for tea and where we are going at the weekend! I've learned to not force it and go with the flow. Let the flow take you.

I mean, you can still gave days like the one in tge next quote. Just carry on again the day after. Each day is a new day.

This next quote proper made me laugh. This wull be me in a few months! I'm sure my yoga friends would agree with this. They tell me it can be hard work but so worth it!

This tickled me too! I absolutely love pizza!
It is, I suppose about being happier with your own self. We are told about dealing with situations in a calmer manner, things are not always in our control. This quote is funny. Only joking!

A thing to remember is, if you are always looking for something better, you'll get it and it will be short lived. You will be off looking for your next best thing. Be happy with what you have. I am now craving comfort and contentment. I don't mean give up your dreams, just don't keep on chasing after things or you will miss what is right under your nose.
Also, if, like me, you are a romanticist who has spent years reading Anne of Green Gables and other novels, you paint a picture, at a young age of, say, living in a lighthouse like Anne. Or even a windmill like Jonathan Creek! Your reality rarely matches these romantic notions. It's about holding onto your inspirations, remembering the books are fiction, but still holding a little piece of hope for that lighthouse, whilst loving the life you have carved out for yourself.

I'm finding much more enjoyment and satidfaction in the everyday things, especially in walking my dog and sitting with a book and a cup of coffee. This next quote shows it's how we approach things, in what mood is what matters. I mean, not every moment can be a swinging from the chandeliers moment can it?

So, I've decided to set myself a 30 day challenge. A bit like the Daz Doorsetep challenge! I might do two a day! I'm already dping number 25!

From a nearly recovering over thinker, I thpught I'd end on this quote. See, I'm singing the Doris Day song in my head again!


  1. You cannot please every one and every one is different. As long as you know you tried your best. Some things you can't change so think about yourself. Inner peace and contentment will come.

  2. This is such therapy! just reading it has made me feel uplifted & motivated to ‘quiet my brain’... I’ve downloaded the 30 day plan, it’s funny how you forget to do some simple but everyday things that bring joy. I think I’ll be giving that ruby wax book a go too! Thank you 😊 🙏

    1. You are welcome! I will have a look at the 30 day plan too thanks!

  3. Fabulous blog with some amazing quotes keep writing and sharing ideas for spiritual inspiration thank you 🙏🏻

    1. You are welcome. Thankyou for your lovely comment.


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