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Everyone's a critic!

Less criticism, more acceptance "You've never been very good at taking criticism", Mum commented the other day. "Me? I don't know what you mean!"              Answered in such a way that clearly showed I cannot take criticism!  And this has been a big problem for me throughout my life. It's a mixture of reasons. Firstly, I'm a Virgo who needs to get things right, needs assurance it's right and is their own worst critic. They are already criticising themselves for what they have spotted they have done wrong so when someone comes along and echoes it, it's not welcomed very much! Secondly, I'm a people pleasing, mediating pacifier who likes to stray away from conflict so getting it right and doing well is good. The problems arise when the Virgo in me goes overboard and my over analysing and thinking stops me enjoying the moment. We can be so busy analysing what someone just said, or a look they just gave us, that we don't just get on wit