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Down, but not out. It's true! You may be stressed, anxious, worried, fedup, worn out and jaded. And all these emotions in one day! But, like the quote says, you get on with it everyday and never give in; you don't stay down, instead you keep on, knowing things will get better. Like the Chumbawamba song, 'I get knocked down, but I get up again!' This next quote is so important and fits us all. We all have bad days, or weeks, or longer periods. No matter what though, we don't let it defeat us. Instead, we keep going to work to take our minds off things, until work becomes stressful too. Also, we keep going for that coffee and chat with a listening ear and understanding heart, which is very therapeutic. In this busy, stressful, modern day of living, we are told to be mindful, not mind full. I love this comparison and this advice. For too long has my mind been full of rubbish that really didn't matter in the end. I wasted a lot of time over folk and situa