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The sentimental hoarder

The sentimental hoarder T'is me. I am her.  I have seen this book on pinterest before and thought, yep. This book could have been written about me. From a young age, I have kept things and collected things. From my Strawberry Shortcake dolls to my fragranced erasers! And this has continued through the years. Especially with books and teacups!  I do love keeping things. I really do. And it does have its upsides. Like the feeling of remembering that Wedding Scrapbook I lovingly made, full of all my ideas, notes, photos and cards. Or the feeling of leafing through a box of old letters and postcards from friends and family from years ago.  I loved saving my certificates from being younger, my programmes from the theatre trips, even my ticket stubs from the cinema. I would look back over them, remembering who I went with and what we watched. I do get a thrill from collecting things I love and am passionate about. I love Ilooking for them and finding them! This quote is fab. We are artis