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Live life to the full

 Live life to the full Half full or half empty? I've always been a half full type of person. You are probably one or the other. I always remember the amazing Laurel and Hardy and the sketch where Laurel drinks the whole glass of lemonade as his half was the bottom half! But then, scientifically, the glass is always full! It does remind me of watching Laurel and Hardy films and Norman Wisdom films with my lovely dad. I do try to see the funny side of things. It does help when you can laugh at yourself. My mum, bless her is a bit of a half empty person. We can look at the sky and I will see the sun but she will have spotted the dark clouds looming overhead! I suppose it is good to not be totally unaware of bad things happening. It's not that I haven't seen the clouds out of the corner of my eye, I have just chosen to look at, and comment on the sun! Like, in The Life of Brian, 'Always look on the bright side of life!' Try and read pinterest quote without singing it! T