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Water your own grass!

Water your own grass! I love this quote.  Many of us go through the 'grass is greener' phase. It is only human. As long as these thoughts are fleeting, that's ok. We may look over our fences or conifers and see a much greener lawn than our paved area with cracks and rockery that needs weeding. What do we do? We weed and fill in the cracks. Maybe, that is what we need to do in life too! We need to work on our cracks and fill in the places where something is missing. And we need to deweed, from the roots what is not working for us or is getting in the way. A bit like putting polyfilla in the cracks as we age!  This is easier said than done. We do get distracted. It is only human to think about the greener grass, that better job, that bigger house and faster car. They are material things though. It might help to think about the fact you have a job and a car! I love my little car with its scratches. It takes me places, is easy to park and is as far from a status symbol than any