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The paintbox of life

The paintbox of life I love the idea of having a blank canvas of life and a colourful paintbox. Get painting! Get messy! Splash the colours on! Blend and mix them together. Don't follow a paint by numbers. Just see where the mood takes you! Just make sure you use the whole set of paints! Create your own rainbows and enjoy them. We are going to have greyer and bluer days but we are also going to have bright, colourful and illuminating days too! We take the rough with the smooth, as they say.  I love the idea of each new day, new month of new year being blank for us to fill in how we choose. And the fact that if a day was more grey than you hoped, you have another new day in front of you to fill in a brighter colour! It reminds me of one of my fave quotes from Anne of Green Gables. This quote has helped me so much along the years. I love that being creative is personal to everyone. Everyone has their own blank canvas. So what if a few mistakes are made? We do learn from them! This ne

All or Nothing

All or Nothing Which one are you? Or are you both, depending on your mood? I would say I am, without a doubt an Aller! But, if pushed too far, I eventually will give less, then nothing. Us givers only give so much until even we say, no more! So, I do use my full ass!  If you are an Aller, I applaud you but also sympathise with you because it can be amazing being so driven and passion filled but also so consuming and wearing.  I've always been this way. Given mostly everything my all. I say mostly because there has been the odd time when something did not click with me. Mostly, though, I throw myself into the challenge, the moment, the relationship with so much passion and zest, so much loyalty and attention. This is one reason I did not join Facebook for ten years. I knew I would be into it and posting loads so I held back, for as long as I could and I have now made up for it! My blog is very precious to me and I do spend much time researching, writing, posting, sharing and replyin