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Coffee and books! This is me! I am brave, I love tea, reading books, sipping coffee. This is me! I had to sing that! Only in my head though! I have loved and devoured books from being a small child and still go to them now for entertainment and escapism. Getting lost in a book does recharge my batteries and is my way of relaxing, just like some people love to sit on a riverbank and fish! I've done this with my hubby but once I've eaten the picnic and read a bit, I'm ready for home! It's probably to do with the fact there's hardly any people to watch on a riverbank! Sit me on a bench in a city centre and I'll people watch all day. Getting material for my writing! I need a badge with this sign! I could use it as an Out of Order sign while I am reading! There is something so satisfying about going into a book shop. I'm either en route to a cafe or a bookstore! Bookshops are so full of promise and newness! I wonder around t