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Do what makes your heart sing!

Do what makes your heart sing! I am reminded of these words often; they just pop into my head and make me nostalgic. 'Greensleaves is my delight, Drinking vodka and lime on a Friday night.' This has stayed with me for so long now. It always makes me smile because not only does it being back memories of Friday nights drinking and dancing to 90s dance music with lovely friends, it reminds me of my writing poetry at Huddersfield uni. Our task was to think of a colour and a song with that colour, then rewrite it. This was mine! I wonder if we spend enough time on what delights us? Do we squeeze in our me time at the end of the day? When I worked full time with a young child, my me time was a hour from 11pm to midnight, on the settee, falling asleep into my drink and missing most of CSI! I was determined to watch a full one without having to rewind it! I love this illustration from pinterest. Get yourself a big bottle now, run a bath, get a book and a cuppa and have some me time! Wh

A breath of fresh air

A breath of fresh air I love this quote. It is such a lovely thing to get some fresh air. It is also good to be fresh yourself too! And to surround yourself with others who are fresh thinking! Those who are like a little whirlwind, stirring up your passion to do things creative! I am lucky to know quite a few people like this! I have been called this too, in a few teaching jobs. Me with my 'flowery edges'. One of the best compliments I have ever had. I love compliments that don't just cover your dress sense and choice of hair colour. What is your vibe like? Once in a while, that needs complimenting too! When we are feeling a bit stuck inside, as in these lockdowns, or in Winter, it is lovely to wrap up warm and get out in the fresh air. I think we appreciate being back indoors then, with our hot chocolate and a book or a film. This photo from pinterest is so cosy and inviting.  This made me laugh, from pinterest. We have a totally different mindset when the spring comes and