A breath of fresh air

A breath of fresh air

I love this quote. It is such a lovely thing to get some fresh air. It is also good to be fresh yourself too! And to surround yourself with others who are fresh thinking! Those who are like a little whirlwind, stirring up your passion to do things creative! I am lucky to know quite a few people like this! I have been called this too, in a few teaching jobs. Me with my 'flowery edges'. One of the best compliments I have ever had. I love compliments that don't just cover your dress sense and choice of hair colour. What is your vibe like? Once in a while, that needs complimenting too!

When we are feeling a bit stuck inside, as in these lockdowns, or in Winter, it is lovely to wrap up warm and get out in the fresh air. I think we appreciate being back indoors then, with our hot chocolate and a book or a film. This photo from pinterest is so cosy and inviting. 

This made me laugh, from pinterest. We have a totally different mindset when the spring comes and the sun starts shining. Take last weekend, the sun was out, sundressses and sandals were on and folk seemed to have a renewed spring in their steps. Smiles were everywhere to be seen! People opened their windows and let the outside into their homes. Such a feel good weekend!

I love walking in our local woods and forests, and those a little further afield when it isn't lockdown. I do love the wildness of it. I have visited Langsett, Sheffield on too many times to count now, from being little. My friends and I went all the time as teenagers. I love how you can be walking amongst the massive trees one minute, then suddenly find yourself on moorland full of gorgeous heather, looking over to the reservoir. Your breath is definitely taken away!

I love looking up at the trees, imagining how old they are and thinking of all the different time periods they have lived through. And seasons! There is something very magical about trees!

So, it looks like I am a dendrophile! I do love forests, woods and trees. I love that feeling of awe, that they were standing tall before I was born and will still be standing when I am long gone. Very deep indeed!

I love trees in all seasons but my favourite season is Autumn. The rich, vibrant colours of the leaves are amazing. I love this montage I made of trees in local parks. So glorious!

Each season is lovely. Look how gorgeous these photos are from Wentworth walled garden in summer. Such beautiful colours. 

This was taken at Wentworth Castle a few months ago. I love how the window frames the lovely tree and sky. 

Yorkshire Sculpture Park has one of the best tree lines I have seen locally. The variety of tree shapes, sizes and colours is stunning, especially in Autumn.  The trees at Newmillerdam too are so old with massive roots that we used to sit on as children. There are so many lovely places to visit locally.

This next quote is so true. All the woods and forests I have walked through, I would definitely agree! Sometimes you can be walking on a misty day and suddenly feel like you have entered a Lord of the Rings film and you are walking through Middle Earth. A good imagination on these walks is handy! When I was ill a few years ago and left teaching, my mind was rather frazzled, shall we say? It took a long time to unfrazzle it. One of the best things was walking in my local park, amongst the summer trees. I started seeing them, really seeing them. And appreciating them. I would gaze in wonder at the leaves and the petals on the flowers. This activity really helped nourish my soul.

It was only then, that I realised how much I had not been living in the present. It was more I was constantly living in the future, filling my head every evening and weekend with what I had to do next. It was only when I started to properly enjoy being on the walk that I realised I was beginning to heal myself. Not just physically but spiritually too.

I love the idea of putting our 'senses in order'. In fact, I felt like my senses had come alive again when I visited Elsecar Park last week and saw my first daffodils of the year. It really lifted me. The whole park seemed fresher and the greens looked more green. It felt like I had been to Specsavers and got a bright lens to put over my eyes. It was quite a spiritual experience and for once, I seem lost for words as to properly describe this special visit!

I felt connected that day to all my natural surroundings. Just me, my dog and the magic of nature and new growth. Got me thinking about my recent journey and new growth. I definitely take more time now to actually take in my surroundings when I am out. I do feel connected to nature when I am amongst it. Before, when I was super busy and stressed, a walk was just fitted in, going from A to B. Now, I amble along, taking photos of nature and soaking in what is there, in between the A to B. 

I was doing all this then I heard about the mindfulness technique and I was like, yes! I am doing it anyway! Before, I would be walking on a Sunday afternoon, the sun shining and gorgeous views in front of me, but all I had in my head was what I needed to do next, all the work I had in front of me when I got home. If I ever go back to a busy, stressful job, I would try to use this time to do things a bit differently. The workload is still there but I would try to use my downtime, my me time a bit better. I would try to totally enjoy it, in the moment, then get my work done. This is easier said than done though! At least I would try! This next quote is so good. I need to be more like my little doggy.  They do live in the moment!

Now I am back working part time, I am trying to still put time aside for my meditating. This can be a half hour session so instead of watching a soap, I now do a session. I am trying to not let my worrying that I was so, so good at get in my way of enjoying the right here and the right now. 

This is really good advice that I am now following! Love this from pinterest. 

I love this next quote too. For so long, I rushed through life. I had a lovely time and made some fab memories. I packed my weekends and holidays full and at that time, that worked. Until my body told me to stop. Not just pause, but stop. A bit of an emergency stop even. So I did stop and I did pause. Now I realise that was my healing time and even though it is a long journey, I am getting there. We probably all go through this at some point. So, I stopped and I did not just 'smell the roses', I photographed and drew them too! Being creative is personal to you. Whatever you want to stop and smell or look at, do it and do it often! I am actually a rose lover so the quote is perfect for me! 

I have surrounded myself with flowers and plants. When we cannot be outside, the outside needs to come to us! Plants do lift us. Not only do they do so scientifically with their photosynthesis but also spiritually with their fresh greeness.

I have thought a lot about feng shui since moving house and I think adding plants to rooms does help the flow of good energy. They grow and you grow, together. I love this from the lovely Callyjane studio on pinterest.

It does help when you talk to your plants enjoy the ritual of watering them. It has helped me definitely in lockdown.


During lockdown, I have become more obsessed with a few things. Such as teapots, teacups and saucers, books and plants! I have read about the Swedish hygge lifestyle which is, living a simple, cosy life and surrounding yourself and your home with these simple things that make you happy. This is my excuse to my hubby when he wants to know why another plant or mug has suddenly appeared on a table or a shelf! Like the ones on my new side table. I have just moved them around. I love faffing so much! This montage of plant pics I have taken over the last few months made me smile. 

I don't know about Crazy Cat Lady, I think I am becoming the Crazy Plant Lady! Or Crazy Plant, teacup, book lady!

So, be a breath of fresh air. Breathe new life into your life! Do something new and different. Go somewhere different. I still want to go on a mystery tour. You can book a coach day trip and end up anywhere! Obviously, after lockdown! It would be a long coach trip to New York but how lovely?

I did do something new, just for me, a few years ago. I joined an amazing choir, Local Vocals then another one, Barnsley Singers. I met such lovely, like minded people, so friendly and sharing a passion. I loved the live gigs and the informality of Local Vocals. We sang for Look North one Christmas at Wentworth Woodhouse. Such a special memory. I loved the local gigs in the town and market and the old people's homes. So uplifting as they sang along with us. And being a member of Barnsley Singers, singing in the massive BYC 1 years concert will stay with me forever.

So, whatever you choose to freshen your mind, spirit and soul, do it! I had always wanted to write. Then my lovely friend said, write a blog. So I did! I had always wanted to start a book club and, after coffee with lovely friends, I did! I have started writing my novel, again after cajoling from fab friends and family! There's a pattern here! Sometimes we need a kick up the bottom to start something new and fresh! With the support, and faith of others, we can!


  1. Yes the world is a beautiful place. Nature is wonderful. I was born under a water sign and being at the seaside watching the ocean or a lake in the countryside always feeds the soul. Love Spring when all the fresh new greenery starts breaking through.

    1. Yes. Spring is such a lovely, feelgood season. So fresh and new!

  2. Reading your blog gives a spring in your step and a renewed passion for being amongst nature. Look forward to sunny days soon thank you for sharing your thoughts and quotes

    1. Thankyou! You are such an inspiration. Cannot wait to be back together, chatting blogs and sharing ideas in person!


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