Live the Pooh way

Live the Pooh way

I love this quote from AA Milne. Just to be sure someone is there. To be sure of them. We all need reassurance from time to time. Whether it is for practical reasons, like when I need someone to sit next to me on longer, motorway journeys to hello with the signs so I go North instead of South. That physical presence and reassurance means so much. A reassuring nod of the head and hug. The list goes on.
Reassurance is also an emotional thing too. That feeling you can off load onto someone who gets you and has your back. They may only have to listen or say a few words but that bond speaks volumes. No one wants to hear the "I told you so" lecture. We have already berated ourselves enough as it is. Just sit with each other, listen and empathise where needed. Or bring them tea and honey until they feel right again!

This quote is so true too. Those friends and family who stay when the chips are down, when it gets messy, when it's not about laughing but about crying, struggling and being lost. Those people who help you find your way again are golden.

We do lose friends along the way. Those who stay are irreplaceable indeed. 

I do love how many of these wonderful quotes by A.A Milne are centred around Pooh Bear's love of honey. Like Paddington with his jam sandwiches. We have had many days this year where we haven't seen our friends, or hugged them and it has been hard. 

When you have a problem, it is true. A problem shared is a problem halved. I cannot wait to meet up with my lovely friends and family again, to talk over a teapot and share cake together. This year has reminded us of what really matters. It who. The people we share our lives with. 

I think when we can all meet up again, we won't mind where we meet up. Just as long as we can see each other, hug each other and connect properly again. We have had zoom and a screen between us, or two metres. This has enabled us to still meet but oh, how lovely when we can hug again!

The word share means a lot. We don't just share each other's problems, like Pooh and Piglet, we share heartaches, mistakes, laughter and good times. The lot! And how much better it all is when shared. Problems are halved but laughter is doubled!

Friendship does build you up. It is lovely knowing people have faith in you, no matter what. They look at your best bits and ignore the rest! They see things in you that you have forgotten are there and they give you a gentle reminder.

And to have close friends who get you without you having to explain or feel awkward about yourself. That understanding is worth so much.

Eeyore is very sensitive but wise too. We can't always be ok all the time. It's not possible. I'm learning to sit with it now when I don't feel ok as I know this feeling does pass. I love how Pooh and the others know this about Eeyore and don't pressure him to be anything but himself.

When we do need a friend or someone to be nice to us that day, no one knows what that kind word, compliment, helpful action or listening ear will mean. If we do it to everybody, you might make that difference to someone who really needs it. 

It is lovely to know that there are people out there who care for you, think about you and text you. They are always there, just like Pooh and his friends are always there for each other. 

I love the idea of people meeting each other for a reason and this can keep happening, in every decade of your life, as you keep changing and moving on. Some people you meet and you feel you have known them forever. They are so easy to talk to.

I love this about a person. I can think of a few lovely friends who I knew, on a first meet that we would have so much in common and we would have a lot of fun together. This year has been harder to have adventures, but we've squeezed a few in!

Sometimes it can just be the way you look at life and the simple things. Enjoy the little parts of life, like a cup of tea, a rose full of raindrops, a butterfly on a leaf, a blue sky or a robin perched on a branch. They are miracles, even though we see them everyday. They are still special. 

Sometimes you can have more fun with a friend when it is a spontaneous meet up, rather than a long planned thing. Go with the flow!

You definitely have fun when you are around people who are like Tigger, bouncing around and seeing the good in things, excited about the next experience. 

Not that you have to be bouncing around and full of energy all the time. There are days we need to rest and recharge. And that's ok! This can be very productive!

Which brings me onto the lovely book by Benjamin Hoff, 'The Tao of Pooh'. 

I love this quote which says so much about the characters in 100 Acre Woods. It says so much about Pooh, in three words. 

Each character, like with friends, brings something different to the group. What about Pooh? Well, he 'just is'. He goes with the flow and does not over try to be anything else but himself. Such a lovely book about people and different characters, ways of living your life. When I looked up Taoism, I found many quotes on pinterest about the teachings of Lao Tzu. 

I have shared a similar quote like the next one. To be content, like Pooh, focus on what is there and enjoy what you have. 

When you face the present moment, you are not dwelling on what has gone or spending your time looking for happiness and missing it. 

This is such a good quote too. About just being, not searching, dwelling, analysing, clinging onto, trying to control what we can't, agonising and many more. I do struggle with this and don't take well to change and things and people moving on. I only end up being frustrated and hurt when I try to hold on. 

I know I need to step out of the past and into the present more. I still love reminiscing but I have spent too long going over and over things that I cannot change or do anything about now. I know at the minute many of us are taking things a day at a time and I am more present in the here and now, especially on my walks and when I am surrounded by nature. 

I love this next piece from pinterest. Stop trying to get others to like you and agree with you. Your people will love you. When you are questioning yourself, others will follow. 

Food for thought! Just be yourself and try not to control everything! You will find you are the one being controlled! As much as you can, go with the flow. I love this next quote on pinterest.Think about your effect on people and how you make them feel.

When we are grateful, we are much more content with our lives. Look for what, and who you are thankful for. 

Love is only a small word but my it is a big feeling! We are so lucky to have loved ones who help us. This year has been strange and upsetting, missing seeing people and loved ones. It has made us appreciate them much more. 

If Pooh represents Tao, then Piglet represents Te. As shown in the other book, The Te of Piglet by Benjamin Hoff. 

When I researched Te, I could not find anything extra. I will keep looking! 

Quotes from AA Milne, Benjamin Hoff and pinterest. I enjoyed putting them altogether! 


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