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The little things in life

 The little things in life I was inspired to write this blog by my friends' wonderful, handmade bath and body company, Pretty Little Treat Co. I follow their facebook page and love the little quotes posted. Especially this one. When we concentrate on the little things and make them important, it really helps us. I love to relax using their gorgeous, eco friendly, vintage packed products. I remember making this collage for National Bath Day. Soak your troubles away! One of the posts they posted for National Bath Day was this. I would love to have one of these retro, wooden bath shelves. I'd have my book, my cuppa and my bar of chocolate! I would sink into the bubbles and eat my crumbly Flake bar, just like the lady in the advert. I've always wanted a Flake bath. I wanted to buy a house because it had one. Hubby was like, we can just buy the bath!  The idea of a long, hot soak in a bath, as an adult is a luxury. Normally, it is a quick shower so a bath signifies you are choos

Find your tribe

Find your tribe I have always loved this quote. Find your people in life. Find them and appreciate them. Nurture them and in turn, they will nurture you. I have done so and feel very lucky. It's not just one set of people either but anybody who gets you and you get them.  One thing I have learned though, the hard way is that your friendship groups may change as people change. People's needs, interests, passions and feelings change. I kind of had this idea that once I was friends with someone and them me, that was it, for life. We do this. We hold onto things and people in a sentimental way. Just because someone was an amazing mate at school, doesn't automatically mean they still will be close to you into adulthood. We try and keep these old friendships, these bonds that have seen us through many heartaches and we try to freeze them still. Only, we all move on and some friends move together, growing together and others drift apart, leaving poignant memories. I know now, we a