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Empath on board! I really don't like labels. I think sometimes, when you label something, it gives it power, makes it more real. However, on occasions, this can be a good thing, especially when mystery, chronic illnesses suddenly are diagnosed and you gain such a feeling of relief. You aren't making it up; you really are ill. I don't like clothes labels either, reminding me I'm not a svelte size 10 anymore, or should I say, the perfect 10? I remember seeing a quote in a River Island advert stating that labels were for washing instructions, not for people. New labels are being made all the time. The one this blog is about is the empath. I can now state that I am, actually an empath. There are even different types and I am definitely an enotional empath. And all these years I thought I was just a big softy and a walk over. I feel so much better saying, "Well, that's ok cos I'm an empath you see!" How do you know if you are an empath? I saw t

My quirky life

My quirky Life Anyone who knows me really well, knows my quirks and loves me all the more for them. Well, most of my quirks anyway! The same goes for me with them! That's how it goes. I've only recently however, realised I am a lot more quirky than what appears on a first look. I have spent a few years trying to sort them out: 1) Hiding them or quashing them. This not only took too much time and effort but also meant I was apologising for being myself. 2) Laughing along with certain people at myself as a coping mechanism. This only gives more fuel to their fire. 3) Over compensating for my quirkiness and following a pretence of something I was not. You need to be authentic. Be you, warts and all. 4) Second guessing and over analysing other people's opinions. How much time and effort is wasted in both these unproductive things? You are not a mind reader! 5) Constantly battling to 'fit in' in places where you obviously stand out. What is actually wrong wi