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A piece of humble pie

 A piece of humble pie Since writing my last blog, I've been thinking a lot about it. Other ty words had come to mind whilst writing it but I couldn't fit them all in one blog! One of the words was humility and I think this is a very important thing to have.  Love that quote. No-one likes a show off! Quietly go about your business, working hard, helping each other. Get to the top of that mountain, praising yourself but others too.  This next quote speaks volumes about being humble and understanding what really matters in life. You can be the richest, cleverest, best looking person in the room but unless you have a good heart, what's the point? I'd rather be rich in family and friends any day. It is how we behave and how we treat others that to me, makes us stand out. Not the size of someone's pay packet, house, car, labels on their clothes. I was in Meadowhall the other day and it was pointed out that this table of four young, professional looking women, who wouldn&

A cup of serenitea

 A cup of serenitea. I love this post from the brilliant The Quirky Cup Collective on facebook. It made me think. Well yes. I drink tea everyday and it refreshes and warms me. It is a lovely habit as my first and last drink. But what about all these teas? Which have I been in need of the most lately? What have I been searching for? As I read them all, it hit me. I've actually been searching for them all. I have definitely craved clarity, or claritea in my life since leaving my career and being diagnosed with my chronic illness. Clarity of direction in my life. Especially as a Virgo who had been going down this path, thinking this path led to retirement, then wham! A massive Stop sign. Not a Give way sign. An emergency stop really! This quote shows my feelings, efforts, direction before I was forced to evaluate things. It made me think of a music stave actually! Obviously, the notes I'm now making are a lot more musical! Clarity of mind too with this fibro fog. For anyone who ha