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Stay true to you

Stay true to you I love this. We don't always though. I definitely don't! Looking back, I'm pretty good at staying true to others but not always myself! I'm working on it! Whether it's from this massive urge to people please. Where did that actually get me? Or, being in denial. Either way, I haven't always stayed true to me. We easily fall into the trap of putting others first and we do need to do this. As long as we take it in turns and put ourselves first once in a while.  I haven't always done this one either! Again, pleasing others, going along with others' ideas, just to fit in. You start off believing in yourself but it does not take much to whittle away at that all too delicate confidence. I have seen it with other people too. We all need to keep reminding each other of our worth.  For me, it was a few things, like certain friendships, and my career. It can be anything. I went from really belonging in my career to not. Now, I see the career change

Make yourself at home

 Make yourself at home I am loving following the At home with ... groups on instagram. I've always loved visiting folk and been curious to see their kitchens and living rooms. Now, a bit like 'Through the keyhole', we get a glimpse into peoples' lovely homes, appreciating their cosy decor, decorations and crockery. There are some gorgeous homes out there, inspiring myself and others.  One of these instagram pages is At home with Polly, my lovely friend. And three others are Yorkshire Lass, Lady of the Bungalow and Bobbin Cottage. They, like the others post lovely, inspirational posts from around their homes, mainly their kitchens. They have such lovely crockery and candles, all homely. I love the collections of Emma Bridgewater, Cath Kidston, Orla Kiely, Cornish ware and many others. Some women get excited over designer dresses and handbags. For me, it's crockery! This is one of Polly's earliest photos. I love the flowers, magazine and gin. Yes please! Polly is