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A letter to my younger self I have just read the brilliant post from Mummy needs a Merlot on facebook and it inspired me to write my own! Hers was actually to her 26 year old self! My younger self. My goodness. I would like to go back and give her a hug actually. I'm not quite sure what she would like to do to the 45 year old me though! My main advice would be to worry less. Easily my main point to make! How much time have I wasted worrying, analysing and evaluating life? Conversations, events, situations, things overheard or said to my face. Things I've done! What a waste of chuffing time! I totally get that this is me and I want to sing that line out loud now, like in the fab musical! I am a Virgo and a worry wart. I am soft hearted and put myself in other people's shoes a lot. Even though I have size 6 and a half, wide feet! My lovely cousin and I, are two peas in a pod, or mushy peas because we are too soft. But I always say it is in our DNA and I'd ra