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Bookshop Love

Bookshop Love I have grown up loving bookshops. I have so many lovely memories of bookshops, bookstalls and even book sales in the old library. I always feel better for a visit to a bookstore. All those lovely books waiting to be read, all in one place! I tell myself I am only looking. That I do not need to buy another book. Who am I kidding? I used to go with my dad to our old library to the Discarded book sale. Most books were hardbacks and were 10p or 5p. I would look through every stand and bring about 5 or 6 home with me, the word Discarded in pen across the first page. The summer fairs at various schools had fab book stalls too.  I loved our town library and visited regularly with my parents as a child. I loved choosing the books and getting them stamped. It was such a lovely atmosphere, downstairs in the children's library, especially after school in winter, all cosy, curled up with a book. I loved both my school libraries. Our secondary school library was a magical place an