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Sense and social media

Sense and social media Reader, I blocked him. Imagine that being the beginning of a Jane Austen novel! If Austen shook her head at a Regency Britain, just what would she do now? I shudder to think!  So, after the ball, the heroine decides she fastidiuosly dislikes Mr Browning, the pompous reality star Z lister. Instead of vowing to ignore him on the street the next time they see each other, with one of her famous glares, she just clicks a button and blocks him. So much easier, hey?  But then what does she do when they are next drawn together at the dance? Does she frostily turn her back on him or does she dance with him? Does she dance with his best friend and tag him in a post later, hoping to let him know he has hurt her pride. And letting the whole of the village, in fact, world know too! It seemed so much easier before social media took over! This is one of the problems with social media. It does have so many positives, and I am sure Austen would have seen some positives. But it is

Lockdown Life

Lockdown Life I've steered clear from writing this blog for too long now. Mainly because I try to focus on the positive on my blog and I wanted to be in the right frame of mind writing it, to do it justice. I didn't want to be assuming feelings and second guessing emotions, belittling anyone's experience. I always try to never compare one person's situation to another. I didn't want to be writing about what seemed trivial when worse things were happening.  But, looking through my blogs this evening, I feel I need to chronicle this event that has touched all our lives. Perhaps, more an 'at home' glance into daily lockdown life, delving into deeper aspects. I will approach this like I do all my blogs. Honestly, openly, with a sense of humour but also empathy. We've needed empathy in buckets this lockdown! So here goes! The other day, my mum made us guess how many days we had been in lockdown altogether. She does this often, like when we were kids. And I lo

Slow down and soak it up!

 Slow down and soak it up!  I love this pinterest quote. It is something I have done myself over the last few years. I was working full time and bringing work home, cramming loads into my weekends and was rushing through life. I would not do this any differently because I feel I did fab things with my daughter and family and friends and made amazing memories. I am just ready, healthwise and emotionally, to slow down a bit more! I am so glad we fitted so many trips out, children's parties, workshops and visiting people. At times though, you are thinking about your next thing instead of fully enjoying what you are doing at that moment. I didn't really get a choice in the slowing down. My body kind of did an emergency stop. I left teaching and started a new journey. I struggled at first and tried to claw back my old life. I have got my head around it now and when I need to rest, I see it as something I am doing.  I used to be so busy. I was that hamster on the wheel, not getting a