Sense and social media

Sense and social media

Reader, I blocked him.

Imagine that being the beginning of a Jane Austen novel! If Austen shook her head at a Regency Britain, just what would she do now? I shudder to think! 

So, after the ball, the heroine decides she fastidiuosly dislikes Mr Browning, the pompous reality star Z lister. Instead of vowing to ignore him on the street the next time they see each other, with one of her famous glares, she just clicks a button and blocks him. So much easier, hey? 

But then what does she do when they are next drawn together at the dance? Does she frostily turn her back on him or does she dance with him? Does she dance with his best friend and tag him in a post later, hoping to let him know he has hurt her pride. And letting the whole of the village, in fact, world know too! It seemed so much easier before social media took over!

This is one of the problems with social media. It does have so many positives, and I am sure Austen would have seen some positives. But it is sometimes hard to remember which is the real life and which  the screen life!

'I am human and I need to be loved, just like everybody else does.'

Yes Morrissey, we are. We need to feel loved, a part of a community, a club and we need interactions. Not attention, as some people see it, but interactions with like minded people who share the same passions. 

All in all, I am glad I joined the social media bubble in August 2016. I had fought it for a good ten years, maybe more. I knew my addictive personality would take over. And it did! I went a bit daft when I first joined facebook, sharing loads of quotes. I loved getting back in touch with people I had not seen for a bit, or even longer! It has been lovely sharing memories too.

My best part is my blog and my Facebook book group. The interactions on both have lifted me, since leaving my teaching career and with my chronic illness. So too, in lockdown, posting my daily Good mornings and having lovely replies. There are such wonderful groups on facebook to join, where like minded people come together with their shared interests. I have just put my blog on Instagram and there are such friendly folk on there too. You gain so much inspiration from others posting in their Instagram squares.

I digress! Going back to the original idea! When I think of Austen's novels, I am not sure what Austen would make of our modern day society. Yes, we have moved on with certain old ideas that did need changing and revolutionizing. I am not sure what she would think about online dating. What would be her take on Swipe Left? And going out on the pull? I loved it in Pride and Prejudice when Lizzie and Miss Bingley took a turn around the room, to coyishly parade themselves in front of the available male species. Why go to all that trouble now? Just swipe left!

When it comes to social media, sometimes sense does go out the window! At times, we do get caught up in the 'grass is greener' trap. We have to remember that folk only put their best bits on. I have a few friends who share the same chronic illness as me and we message each other on our bad days. Our facebook story tells a much different story though. We hide the person who hasn't slept and has been in pain that day. We keep that anxiety we have felt that day under wraps. We want the positive pants wearing person to be the public image. Everyone is the same. We just sometimes need to remember that social media is just a glimpse into the life of and not the whole life of.

I saw this lovely book on pinterest the other day and would love to read it. I have always wanted to have tea with Jane Austen, Agatha Christie, Miss Marple, Jessica Fletcher, Margaret Atwood and Agatha Raisin. Imagine Agatha Christie passing the teapot over to her clever heroine Jane Marple? I would just sit, sipping my tea, listening to their wonderful talking. I would love to add two local faves too, Milly Johnson and Jane McDonald. Jane could then sing for us and I would attempt to harmonise! Looking at the guest list though, there would probably be a murder! Nobody was ever safe in Cabot Cove! 

As I am getting older, I laugh to myself how I used to see myself as a young Lizzie Bennet in search of her Mr Darcy. Now though, I fear I am morphing into Mrs Bennet, expertly played by Alison Steadman in the TV adaptation. Not that I have the worry of four daughters having to be married off, but you know what I mean! 

I loved her too, as Pam in Gavin and Stacey. We've all got a bit of Pam in us too! 

Anyone thinking Austen might be a bit out of touch with today's world, I'd say she was very astute and forward thinking. We can learn so much from her novels. Especially the tip of waiting by a lake, in the grounds of a stately home, just in case a gentleman decides to walk out of the water, up the hill with his white shirt clinging to his chest!

I do love the fashion in Austen's day and I do look for Pride and Prejudice dresses! I love the femininity of the clothes and style at the time. Austen's women though, weren't just pretty clothes props. Most of them were women with substance, with character, especially Emma and Lizzie. When you look behind the story, you see a clever portrayal of women's position and predicament of needing to marry to make sure their family home did not pass to the nearest male relative. Austen's social commentary was so witty. It wasn't just pale women with heaving bosoms ardently falling in love with dashing gentlemen and heroes charging in on their horses. It was so much more. The precursor to The Only Way is Essex or Made in Chelsea. 

This quote made me laugh. Thinking of the typical hero and heroine rescue story. This sceanario is probably a lot more real! 

Which reminds me of the Cinderella quote that makes me laugh everytime I read it! 

This quote made me laugh, from around the same period. The lady just needs a book and a cup of tea!

This is funny from pinterest. After longing for a man who was a lovely mixture of Gilbert Blythe, Mr Darcy, Heathcliffe and Brad Pitt, I am happy to say that I found my 'introverted male lead'. Only problem, I could never get him to dance Jane Austen. Not unless we could do it Madness style! 

I think it is good to remember, when using social media that we are all different and are passionate about different things. None of us are perfect and opposites do attract. These differences and imperfections make life a lot more interesting. How pale and boring if everyone thought the same! 


  1. Great blog as always. Keep writing!

  2. Loved reading this! You're right about the social media and everyone showing the best side of them. This took me a long time to see too!


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