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Sagging, slightly flagging but empowered! This describes my friends of a similar age and myself, to a tea! I have written both a menopause and an ageing disgracefully blog before but this is slightly different! Probably because I'm in a different place now as I was then! I do feel more confident and empowered. Definitely sagging, my pipes need lagging and I'm physically flagging. But yes! I'm in a better frame of mind to cope with it all now! Even though I ate and drank like it was an Olympic event over Christmas, I do feel mentally and spiritually lighter as I enter this new year, and decade. I just now need to work on the physical bit! When I read this next quote, I knew it fitted me. I have carried so much more than I should have: guilt, blame, self doubt, regret and worry to be just a few big boulders I had upon my shoulders. I am now carrying these as stones; you can't fully get rid of feelings and emotions but you can make sure they don't take as much e

The Good Life

The Good Life. When I think of this title, I automatically think of the 1970s sitcom with the lovely Penelope Keith and Richard Briers. I absolutely love Penelope Keith as an actress, especially in this and 'Rosemary and Thyme'. I love her smiley nature and her mischevious look. Also, she has aged so well. It must be the good life! I love this photo of Tom and Barbara, such solid names. They are so happy growing their greens and working together in the garden. Perhaps hubby and I could start an alotment in the new year? Or a cabbage patch? Well, just watering our house plants would be a jolly good start! There is something so fulfilling about growing your own food, harking back to the Dig for Victory campaign in World War 2. Getting out into the open air and producing tasty fruit and vegetables to enjoy for yourself. Being self sufficient must be so rewarding. Just look at the smiles on their faces in this photo! Tom and Barbara were so down to earth and ground