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Press Pause!

 Press Pause! Love this quote from the wonderful Tiny Buddha page on pinterest. In fact, a few of my quotes in this blog are from them! I love the guidance given because, if you are anything like me, you will rush in and go along with things and agree to stuff you are not really sure about, say yes to events, be caught up in the moment, assume things before asking. And so on! I am spontaneous and quick thinking; I like things to get done and dusted and am very impatient. I can just plough ahead with stuff without properly thinking about it, take people on face value, giving them my time and energy, before realising they actually aren't as nice as I first thought. When your mind rushes and is always busy, even on fast forward, you do need to press the pause button! When your brain refuses to sleep at night, there's way too much going on. Practise the pause! Mentally take a breather!  I have found my way of pausing- by meditating and I love it! I know when I can feel my mind gett

Be proud!

Be proud! I loved watching Miranda and loved it when Stevie would belt out this question with a cut out of the wonderful Heather Small. Definitely not a small voice! My friends and I would laugh at this and one, at work would sing this to us to cheer us up when needed.  There is a more serious side to this. We do need to think of ourselves in a positive light. We are always taking it in turns to be proud of others. Why aren't we proud of ourselves too? Women especially, get stuck in a rut of focusing what we have done wrong. How about what we have done right? I keep going on about focusing on the good around us but we also need to concentrate on the good within us. Celebrate our inner goodness. We sometimes listen to criticism from others so much that when we do get a genuine compliment, we are not sure how to deal with it or respond to it! Take it with a smile, and remember the good you can share with other people. I like the idea of seeing yourself as a friend. In that way, you w