Be proud!

Be proud!

I loved watching Miranda and loved it when Stevie would belt out this question with a cut out of the wonderful Heather Small. Definitely not a small voice! My friends and I would laugh at this and one, at work would sing this to us to cheer us up when needed. 

There is a more serious side to this. We do need to think of ourselves in a positive light. We are always taking it in turns to be proud of others. Why aren't we proud of ourselves too? Women especially, get stuck in a rut of focusing what we have done wrong. How about what we have done right?

I keep going on about focusing on the good around us but we also need to concentrate on the good within us. Celebrate our inner goodness. We sometimes listen to criticism from others so much that when we do get a genuine compliment, we are not sure how to deal with it or respond to it! Take it with a smile, and remember the good you can share with other people.

I like the idea of seeing yourself as a friend. In that way, you will treat yourself well. You will make time for yourself, as you do your friends and family.

I love this picture of giving yourself a great, big hug. We should do this when we are are having off days. You deserve a hug, to get you through. 

Think of everything you have been through. Be proud of those days you struggled and turned up with a smile on your face. You need to see your strength and celebrate it.

Everyone makes mistakes. Some people act like they don't, but they all do! We can all be haunted by them, or, as I am trying to do now, move on from them. Yes, easier said than done!

We do need to stop berating ourselves about our mistakes, poor choices and chances not taken. We are our own worst critics and would never speak to loved ones how we sometimes speak to ourselves. We do, me definitely, need to kinder to ourselves. On a whole, we mean well! 

The times we have conversations with ourselves, replaying events where we could have handled ourselves better. If only we had said this or not accepted that. We should have stuck up for ourselves. Sometimes, we need to quieten our minds a little.

We forgive others, don't we? We need to forgive ourselves too. That inner critic needs to take a break! The way we speak to ourselves matters so much. Our inner voice has such a say on our mood, our outlook, our choices and our actions. That negative voice can go and have a Kit Kat too! 

I have struggled in the past few years with  accepting my chronic illness and the changes it has brought to my life. I have seen this with other friends too. I used to feel guilty for needing a day off, a day in bed, cancelled plans, not being able to do what I once could do. Now, I am proud of how I have made peace with the new me, my new life, my chronic pain and the fact I have to pace myself. All that wasted energy trying to fight it! I also see that my illness is not me; it is just a part of me. I am still worthy.

So the new me might not be able to squeeze as many social events into a weekend, or dance for hours anymore. I still do these things but less. My main socialness is sitting with a coffee cup, having a chat. And that is fine by me! When I go shopping now, it is two shops, then a cafe! If I walk in a pub, I'm looking round for the nearest settee. But that's ok! 

Stop apologising for who and what you are. In the past, I've apologised way too much. You kind of just get used to saying sorry that you end up not even knowing just what it is you are sorry for!

This too. I will never forget the Katie Hopkins interview on This Morning where she said she would never employ fat people to work for her, as they would be lazy. She kept to this stance, even as a token bigger lady argued she felt she needed to work harder as she had something to prove! Some people do not look past your weight or outer appearance. More fool them. We are worth so much more than our clothes size.

When you are proud of yourself and happy with how you are, for most of the time, you do shine. Others see the best in you too, when you concentrate on your best. Stick with those who are also proud of you, those who see your best, even when they've seen your worst too. If you are being criticised or put down by certain folk, they are not friends. 

So, put on that crown and walk with your head held high. Especially on those days where you feel less sparkly. Get that crown on and remember how strong you are!

Love this! Get that glass of wine poured, put on some music and sink into a wa bubble bath. Have some ME time. You deserve it! 

When you do start realising you are worth more and start putting yourself first a bit more, some people won't adjust well to this change in you. These are the people who may have took advantage of your softer side. Some people will question the change in you if it doesn't fit with them. Some may think your new, brighter, more flowery side is too much. Do not dampen the new you down for anybody!

Everyday, pat yourself on the back for something good about yourself. You praise friends and family, praise yourself too.


  1. I've done plenty of things wrong but you learn from your mistakes. No regrets! Be kind to yourself and to others.

  2. Another enjoyable read with wise and thoughtful statements on how to be proud of yourself something can learn and change. No regrets for the past the future is where we are heading. Accepting who you are and being with the right people. I have Heather Small singing in my head now fabulous :)

    1. Me too! But what a good song to sing to yourself everyday!

  3. Totally resonates with me, again! My last blog post explored the fact that I was sick of apologising for being me! I realise now, that I am enough- even with all my flaws! We all are!xx

    1. We all are enough! We need reminding though sometimes!


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