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Don't stop believing!

Don't stop believing! I absolutely love this song. Whether I adhere to the title is another matter!  I used to believe in myself so much more than I do at the moment. I suppose many of us do, in our youth. Although, for me I never believed I would pass Higher Maths and yes, my premonition was right. It didn't help that I fancied the lad in front of me to bits so most of my lessons were spent staring at his neck and waiting for him to turn around and flick his 90s curtain hair do at me! Anyway, apart from a few things like that, I pretty much believed. I just got on with things. I was confident and gave things a go. Netball team? Yes please! Cross country? Count me in! School play. Absolutely and the part of Nancy! Choir concert? On the front row! Chess competition? Yeah, why not? I really did put my hand up to anything and believed I would either be really at it or if mediocre, I had given it my best. Where does it go then? This confidence of youth? Does it disappear in a puff