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Get kettle on!

Get kettle on! I love this saying. It always makes me smile as it's such a reassuring phrase to hear. Especially if you have gone to a family member or friend to open your heart. First things first, get that kettle on and the packet of biscuits out! I found this on pinterest, from Etsy and I love it!  It's a lovely mixture of drinking tea, catching up and chatting your cares away. This quote is so true.  I do like having tea on my own, but my fave is with family and friends. Afternoon tea out or making a teapot for me and my daughter. Tea for two! I made us this the other night and the ritual was really enjoyed. Making these through lockdown has really helped. I love this art I found on pinterest. My dog would love to sit up at the table like this!  I also love this print by Berney Parker, on pinterest. It reminds me of those lovely meet ups with my lovely friends and family. Fabulous catch ups over a tea or coffee and cake. All those lovely cafes and tea rooms that we will hop

Don't wait for perfection

Don't wait for perfection I shared this post on my blog the other day I saw on the lovely The Reiki Cat Lady page. It really struck a chord in me. We have this idea in our heads of the perfect us and put pressure on ourselves to be that person.  I have done this mainly with my weight. I know many others who have too. We remember the weight we were when we were younger. We yo yo diet, always wanting to be what we were a long time ago. We, well I have, cling onto what we were when we were younger. Not just the size 10 to 12 person but that confident person. It's about remembering you are still the same inside, even though your middle age spread and wrinkles have set in. We have an idea of what our life is supposed to look like. Thing is, it changes and we gave to change our mindset along with it! I love this next quote because I haven't been very patient with myself lately! I show this to others but need to be a bit more understanding with myself! I have bloomed and I will bl