Get kettle on!

Get kettle on!

I love this saying. It always makes me smile as it's such a reassuring phrase to hear. Especially if you have gone to a family member or friend to open your heart. First things first, get that kettle on and the packet of biscuits out! I found this on pinterest, from Etsy and I love it! 

It's a lovely mixture of drinking tea, catching up and chatting your cares away. This quote is so true. 

I do like having tea on my own, but my fave is with family and friends. Afternoon tea out or making a teapot for me and my daughter. Tea for two! I made us this the other night and the ritual was really enjoyed. Making these through lockdown has really helped.

I love this art I found on pinterest. My dog would love to sit up at the table like this! 

I also love this print by Berney Parker, on pinterest. It reminds me of those lovely meet ups with my lovely friends and family. Fabulous catch ups over a tea or coffee and cake. All those lovely cafes and tea rooms that we will hopefully be able to visit together again soon.

I always feel better after meeting family and friends for a coffee, or tea. I met a lovely friend in a coffee house, Have-it, a few years ago. We started meeting every Wednesday for coffee and conversation and it helped us both meeting up. It was meant to be that meeting that day! I now call her Coffee Julie, in the week, and Vodka Julie at the weekend! In fact, I made three friends that day I walked into the new coffee house as the owners were so friendly and welcoming too.

We had marvellous coffee at Have-it, aeropress my fave. But we also had the lovely Barnsley Brew tea which is gorgeous, and local! You could buy the sachets to make your own at home. 

We used to drink a variety of herbal teas, some cold and very refreshing. This dried flower infusion one was my fave and it was lovely seeing the flower open in the hot water.

It was a very special time, visiting here every week and learning about different coffees and teas. I was so touched when they made me a personalised chopping board for my blog. The 1960s cups and saucers were from the gorgeous gift shop full of retro crockery and glassware.

The other fab place in Barnsley I love visiting for coffee, tea, hot choc, brunch, lunch and afternoon tea is The Old George. I absolutely love it here. Such a fab atmosphere with lovely owners and staff. This photo is from when we could sit in. The Old George has helped the town keep going in lockdown, along with a few others, with its take away service. Thankyou! Mum and I loved the tea timer on top of the tea pot when we first used it! This is actually my lovely friend drinking it here!

We have loved having Afternoon tea at The Old George. My friends and I had a lovely tea one Christmas. Even in the first lockdown, my lovely friend and I ordered an afternoon tea and enjoyed it together, virtually! It was so nice. 

The same friend and I also went to the gorgeous Wentworth village tea rooms in August for afternoon tea in their garden. It is so quaint here. The gluten free option was so lovely too. 

My friends and I have had lovely times at the wonderful Twisted Teapot in Barnsley. It is a very quaint place, lovely to go for birthdays. The Baileys cheesecake is the best! 

Tea does soothe you. Whatever your flavour, it does make you feel better. I personally love Yorkshire Tea, Redbush tea and Earl Grey. These definitely soothe me. 

I do love the teapigs range of tea and love their rooibos the best. This photo of a teapigs' Chai latte is from their facebook page. The brilliant mug is from Gemma Correll, artist. Love it! 

My aunty still has a Rington's delivery and passes me some Earl Grey and Redbush from time to time. I loved the Rington's man pulling up on the Green when I was young. He'd pop to gran's and all her neighbours. 

I love this Redbush tea too from Tick Tock. And my Krispy Kreme mug! 

There are so many gorgeous, different teas to try out there. Another lovely, local tea is The Craft Tea Company from Sheffield. Really tasty and refreshing tea leaves. I love their Storm in a teacup. 

I have bought from craft fairs and Made and Found in Yorkshire. You can get the tea from others shops such as Bird's Yard, Sheffield and Our Handmade Collective. This montage from Made and Found's facebook is fab! 

I love this! Come partake a teapot of tea with me. How happy we shall be!

Herbal  Tea does have many healing properties and antioxidants. I love this poster from pinterest showing the different herbal teas.

I love ginger and lemon. Anything ginger is my fave. I had a Pukka tea Advent calendar which was great and I love Twinings herbal tea and Breakfast tea. When I was at uni, we did a project on advertising and I chose Twinings tea. I have found a fab set of adverts on pinterest for Curtis tea. Love this banana teapot!

And this orange teapot! Absolutely brilliant! They look very tasty!

It is warming and exhilarating.  It really is 'a hug in a  cup'. Or 'a hug in a mug'!

This saying is a sign on the wall of the lovely tearoom in Mapplewell, Barnsley. Such a wonderful, local tearoom. When I have gone, I sometimes bump into my friend's parents and we have a catch up over a lovely cuppa and yummy cake. 

I love going on little tea and coffee adventures with family and friends. I cannot wait until we can do this again soon! 

One of my favourite, local tea rooms is the Victorian Tea Rooms in Barnsley. It is such a friendly, warm tea room with lovely staff, gorgeous tea and coffee and yummy food and cakes. I normally have a cafettiere but their pot of tea is fab too. I am still looking for my pot of tea pic so here is a coffee one!

My fave cup of tea locally has to be the Yorkshire tea at the Locke Park cafe. Lovely staff, an excellent cuppa and fab food. My friend and I love their loveheart cups of tea. 

It is great to sit in, with my dog, my book and a cuppa.

Or outside,on a sunny day. I love this photo with the view of the playground. Lovely Yorkshire tea. When in Rome!

At the moment, they are serving take aways and my friend and I have a flat white or flavoured hot chocolate to keep us warm while we walk around the park. I love this photo I took ages ago with the fresh rose in a vase on the table.

I love Marmalade on the Square in Wakefield. A fab cuppa and lovely afternoon tea. I love their green teapots. Just look at those yummy scones! 

I do love brightly coloured teapots. Like these at the wonderful Falco Lounge in Barnsley. Their lovely teapots and patterned, wooden tables always make fab photos! It is lovely visiting here and Zorros in Fox Valley. Gorgeous grub, great gluten free and vegan menu, lovely brews and really friendly staff. Plus, they are doggy friendly!

Another lovely gluten free experience is the gorgeous Cafe Creme, in Penistone and Barnsley. If you are gluten free, like me, this is the place to go. Gluten free Yorkshire puds! Amazing desserts! And a friendly welcome too. 

Anybody who knows me, knows I love my teapots, teacups and saucers and mugs. I love a mixture of vintage, especially Art Deco but also more modern like Emma Bridgewater. I love cups that make a statement, like my Dialectables Yorkshire Lass, my mother in law bought me fir my birthday. This Born and Bred in Yorkshire, I got my friend who put it on her At home with Polly blog. The Orla Kiely dog cup was from Gallery 2 in Cawthorne, as was the one I got my friend. Such a lovely gift shop full of loveliness!

I love the bunting on my You're just my cup of tea cup and I love my Yorkshire passport from the fab    in Wentworth garden centre. Again, another Yorkshire cup is the Ay' up love cup from the lovely The Yorkshire Print. 

My Barnsley coaster is fab! I love all the cups from this Moorland pottery range. I got one for me and one for my friend from Cannon Hall deli. 

I love choosing which cup and saucer I will use that day. A bit like standing in front of your wardrobe, deciding what to wear! 

I have recently met a wonderful lady, through instagram who sells vintage crockery and glassware. And hostess trollies! Vintage by Maria Flower is so amazing. I love everything I have ordered. Here are a few of her lovely pieces from facebook. They are so pretty and if I had room, I would order much more! 

I do love teapots. I have a few. Some very sentimental. I love to see all the teasets and crockery on instagram, especially the Emma Bridgewater, Cath Kidston and Orla Kiely. I follow the Emma Bridgewater page and love this post. I really want the Blooming Good Tea one! 

I had read that there was going to be a teapot emoji. I think I read it on the Yorkshire Tea facebook page. 

I was really happy to visit Yorkshire Sculpture park with my lovely, tea loving friend. We loved the Teapot and Wine carafe sculptures so much! Absolutely wonderful in the Autumn sun!

I saw this on pinterest and have to agree with how much part of your enjoyment is the cup itself!

My first drink of the day is a cup of tea. It helps bring me round. My last drink of the day is a cup of tea, usually snuggled up in bed with my book! I love the One Direction song, 'Little Things'. This line is my fave.

This made me laugh from pinterest. All I want for Valentine's Day is a tea slave for the day. Fifty shades of Earl Grey! 

It is not just the drinking of tea, and the enjoyment of loving the crockery. It is the sharing of it with family and friends. We are all really missing our catch ups with each other, whether it is over a cuppa or something stronger! I love this quote. Such a warming feeling, sharing tea with friends and family. 


  1. Hopefully won't be too long before I can pop round and say put kettle on!!!

  2. Love all of the different style cups youve got, there are some truly beautifully ones! I might have to buy the ‘I flippin love tea’ mug 😃👏🏻

    1. Aww thankyou. Yes, I am on the look out for the I flippin love tea and I blooming love tea mugs!


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