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It's a Mystery!

It's a Mystery! I have many passions and one of them is watching my fave detectives. And reading them! There are so many! I have to start this blog with my fave murder mystery author, Agatha Christie. What an amazing mind she had! And the brilliance of her Miss Marple and Poirot!  I love this quote from pinterest. Makes you think! Miss Marple is an amazing character. I did not realise all these actresses had played her, especially Angela Lansbury! I love seeing this picture, remembering the start of the series and the music for when Joan Hickson was Miss Marple.  Miss Marple takes her knitting everywhere with her! I have to admit that my favourite Marple is played by Juila Fields. She has such a kind, friendly face. I have just been ill and rewatched some Miss Marples on itv catch up, The Caribbean Mystery being one of them.  I would love to watch the play Mousetrap, in London. I remember walking past the theatre, all lit up, years ago and thinking how inviting it looked!  I love t