It's a Mystery!

It's a Mystery!

I have many passions and one of them is watching my fave detectives. And reading them! There are so many! I have to start this blog with my fave murder mystery author, Agatha Christie. What an amazing mind she had! And the brilliance of her Miss Marple and Poirot!

 I love this quote from pinterest. Makes you think!

Miss Marple is an amazing character. I did not realise all these actresses had played her, especially Angela Lansbury!

I love seeing this picture, remembering the start of the series and the music for when Joan Hickson was Miss Marple. 

Miss Marple takes her knitting everywhere with her!

I have to admit that my favourite Marple is played by Juila Fields. She has such a kind, friendly face. I have just been ill and rewatched some Miss Marples on itv catch up, The Caribbean Mystery being one of them. 

I would love to watch the play Mousetrap, in London. I remember walking past the theatre, all lit up, years ago and thinking how inviting it looked! 

I love this quote from pinterest too! I love my teapots and cups and saucers and would have loved to have had afternoon tea with Agatha Christie and her fictional sleuths! 
I love Poirot too. I have watched so many over the years! I do love Peter Ustinov but David Suchet is my fave Poirot.

I do love these detective dramas set in the 1930s Art Deco period where folk were stylish and drank from gorgeous cups and saucers. Look at the pottery in this photo!

I have always wanted to travel on the Orient Express. I do love watching it and this book looks lovely too. 

I did watch the Kenneth Branagh film a bit ago and it was really good. I just kept staring at his moustache though. It was way too long for Poirot! 

Where to start on all the other brilliant detectives? I love them all but it has to be Angela Lansbury as Jessica Fletcher. I adore her and would have loved to have visited her in Cabot Cove, as her neice. And then in her New York Apartment. I love rewatching all the old episodes and love the beginning part with her typewriter.

Well, of course .....

I would love to go to a book signing with Jessica Fletcher!

This quote made me quite emotional. I may have to watch them all again!

Saying that, I have just gone back to the beginning and watched the whole four series of the brilliant Sherlock with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. Absolutely brilliant stuff! He is fab at playing Sherlock. I love Una Stubbs as Mrs Hudson too.

I also enjoyed watching Johnny Lee Miller with Lucy Lui in Elementary. Very different Sherlock. Loved it!

This made me smile with the Home Sweet Home! They work really well together. I need to finish watching all the series!

Moving on from these is the brilliant Midsomer Murders. Must be good as John Nettles starred in it and I loved him as Berjerac in Jersey. I watched this as a student in the 90s!

Midsomer Murders has been running forever. With two detectives too! I love both Barnabies. 

It might still be going! It must be into the 20 plus series by now!

When I think back to some of the detective shows I watched growing up, the other that stays in ky mind is the brilliant Columbo. Me and mum loved Peter Falk, with his mac and his wife you never met. He always befriended the murderer. Which later is shown in Law and Order Criminal Intent.

I think I will have a pause for now as there are so many more detective series to cover. Another blog? I was very tempted with a Criminology degree when I did my English degree. Perhaps I could do a degree in detective programmes! Or try and write the next modern day Miss Marple detective show? She could be Miss Daphne Plum. Ooh I like that! A bit like Agatha Raisin. I loved her first book, The Quiche of death. Then I loved the TV adaptation with Ashley Jenson.


  1. Love a good murder mystery!

  2. Ironic that the last one you mentioned was Agatha Raisin. I don’t really care for her, but I love MC Beaton’s other mystery series, Hamish McBeth.


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