Don't wait for perfection

Don't wait for perfection

I shared this post on my blog the other day I saw on the lovely The Reiki Cat Lady page. It really struck a chord in me. We have this idea in our heads of the perfect us and put pressure on ourselves to be that person. 

I have done this mainly with my weight. I know many others who have too. We remember the weight we were when we were younger. We yo yo diet, always wanting to be what we were a long time ago. We, well I have, cling onto what we were when we were younger. Not just the size 10 to 12 person but that confident person. It's about remembering you are still the same inside, even though your middle age spread and wrinkles have set in. We have an idea of what our life is supposed to look like. Thing is, it changes and we gave to change our mindset along with it!

I love this next quote because I haven't been very patient with myself lately! I show this to others but need to be a bit more understanding with myself! I have bloomed and I will bloom once more!

I have lived much of my life looking for approval. Of everybody really. Now, I realise, that one of the most important people you need approval from, is actually yourself. 

We do pressure ourselves to be the best, in everything, juggling it all, everyday. That is just not possible. We burn ourselves out. I definitely did! I got to thinking, who am I trying to prove something to? I sat and thought about who really was important in my life and who mattered. 

As I was thinking of this blog, I remembered the Mary Poppins quote. Well, I got mixed up as I thought it was imperfect!

'Practically perfect in every way.'

I think being imperfect is much better. Much for fun and less pressure to keep up with! We should embrace our imperfections. Most times, these are what draw us to people. The quirkiness and the interesting flaws!

We need to say these words to ourselves more often. It is ok to be doing ok. Ok is good!

It's funny this next bit because now I think of it, I do the opposite of this. I was telling a friend and she pointed out this type of personality. The one who says, normally at the end of the day, I will be this tomorrow, I will do that on my To do list, I will eat better tomorrow and go for that six mile run! It's as if, we need to clear the slate before we can rest and go to sleep. We didn't manage all these things but tomorrow is a new day! I maybe need to remind myself of the things I did do that day before I go to sleep. Food for thought! I may be a bit more content then?

I absolutely love this next quote. When we are healing from whatever, an illness, a loss, a fallout, a dramatic change in our lives, we kind of feel we have to get healed straight away and bounce back, like Tigger. Healing does take time. I am very good at putting deadlines on things, especially my health. Thing is, sometimes these things aren't necessarily under your control.

I did start writing a blog about acceptance. I start many blogs and add to them along the way! I suppose what I was going to write fits in here. 

It's good to know we all have flaws. It makes others feel better when we share our own misgivings about our weight or as most conversations with me at the mo go, how hormonal we are feeling! We all get a little lost at times. We are here to help each other find our way and ourselves again.

We are all 'too much' or 'too little' in certain areas and to different people. Stay with those who see past the flaws, those who love you for being you. 

Sometimes, you may be 'too you' for yourself! I find myself at times, kicking myself for reacting, well overreacting to certain people, their comments, or lack of thought. I get peeved with myself for over worrying and nattering or give myself a pep talk for not being motivated enough or for my procrastinating! I love this next quote from pinterest. 

As we age, I feel we do shift. Our perceptions of people and situations change. Mine have. 

We evolve but this takes time. And much learning from our mistakes! 

I have shared this post from pinterest before and I love it. When you accept yourself, others will then follow suit!

Go on then!
Mirror, mirror on the wall. I'm more than enough after all!

I love this facebook page, natural life. It has some lovely, uplifting quotes. This was is a great reminder that we are enough. 


  1. Nobody is perfect! You can strive to be but you will never achieve it. Imperfections are what make people different to each other and we wouldn't all want to be the same.

    1. Very true! It is more interesting that we are all different!


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