A piece of humble pie

 A piece of humble pie

Since writing my last blog, I've been thinking a lot about it. Other ty words had come to mind whilst writing it but I couldn't fit them all in one blog! One of the words was humility and I think this is a very important thing to have. 

Love that quote. No-one likes a show off! Quietly go about your business, working hard, helping each other. Get to the top of that mountain, praising yourself but others too. 
This next quote speaks volumes about being humble and understanding what really matters in life. You can be the richest, cleverest, best looking person in the room but unless you have a good heart, what's the point? I'd rather be rich in family and friends any day.

It is how we behave and how we treat others that to me, makes us stand out. Not the size of someone's pay packet, house, car, labels on their clothes. I was in Meadowhall the other day and it was pointed out that this table of four young, professional looking women, who wouldn't have looked out of place in Sex and the city. Well, it was pointed out they had been looking us up and down. It hurt me to start with because I knew I was having a not good day healthwise and I'd made the effort but I knew I wasn't looking up to scratch at all. Then it made me angry. Who were they to look down on my choice of footwear not matching my trousers- Sketchers for comfort! How dare they look down on anyone? 

When we are humble, we see each other on an equal footing, which ties in with discrimination. No one is better than anyone else. When we look on the inside, to our souls, minus the power dressing, the labels, job roles, material pocessions, we are all the same. 

Being humble is being non judgemental. I may think things about people but I try to keep them as thoughts. The times I have bit my tongue! So many folk just speak their mind like it's their given right but get funny when someone does it back to them. This pandemic has brought out the judging and smugness in a lot of people. No one is perfect and people do make mistakes. They don't need telling what they already know is a big fault of theirs. Cut them some slack!

I've never had designer clothes, jewellery or shoes. I couldn't keep up with all that this season and last season. I follow my own style, if you could call it that! I have felt looked down on, in jobs, in shops, on the street, lots of places, as if I wasn't good enough. When I was full time, I could have dressed from head to toe in designer but preferred to spend my money on books, CDs, wine and holidays instead. I was still a good person and a loyal friend, whether I wore a Ted Baker dress, Gucci handbag and Jimmy Choo shoes. I don't normally post quotes like the next one but feel the need! We all look up at the same sky, same stars. It's a leveller is life. At the end of the day, we are all the same.


  1. Nothing more humbling than nursing people who are seriously Ill. We are all human and in the same boat!!!!

  2. I absolutely love this sentiment! So true! Respect each other x


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