The little things in life

 The little things in life

I was inspired to write this blog by my friends' wonderful, handmade bath and body company, Pretty Little Treat Co. I follow their facebook page and love the little quotes posted. Especially this one.

When we concentrate on the little things and make them important, it really helps us. I love to relax using their gorgeous, eco friendly, vintage packed products. I remember making this collage for National Bath Day. Soak your troubles away!

One of the posts they posted for National Bath Day was this. I would love to have one of these retro, wooden bath shelves. I'd have my book, my cuppa and my bar of chocolate! I would sink into the bubbles and eat my crumbly Flake bar, just like the lady in the advert. I've always wanted a Flake bath. I wanted to buy a house because it had one. Hubby was like, we can just buy the bath! 

The idea of a long, hot soak in a bath, as an adult is a luxury. Normally, it is a quick shower so a bath signifies you are choosing to take longer and have some much needed 'me time'. Alone, apart from your wine and scented candles. Perhaps a bit of Fleetwood Mac drifting through to soothe you even further. 

You may feel you haven't got time, a shower would be quicker and you've too much to do but sometimes your body tells you what it wants and you feel nourished for it. It is about setting time aside and prioritising yourself! I always remember this quote. Listen to what your body is wanting. Your mind too. I didn't listen to my body until it began shouting at me. I learned the hard way. I listen to it now!

This quote from Pretty Little Treat company is so important. In fact, I had a conversation once with the lady behind the company, about being busy and finding it hard fitting everything in. She said this amazing phrase, that a lot of people nowadays are time poor. That hit home as I'd been working my socks off just before, running around on that hamster wheel, missing out on so much of the everyday little things or not fully appreciating them. This made a lot of sense. I also felt guilty for not having the full time, stressful career anymore. I actually felt bad for not being busy! It took a while to realise that when you need to, slowing down and resting can be as productive. 

Their products are so well packaged and I love the vintage feel of the whole range. It takes you back in time to your grandma's days of smart dressing, gorgeous hair, high heels and sophistication. They are eco friendly and their products are paraben and SLS free and most are vegan. They promote upcycling and this post showing the second use for the bath concoction bottle as a little vase is one of my favourites.

We are all deserving of treats and need a pamper every so often. I feel putting my hand cream on every night is a pamper! Such a gorgeous fragrance and it really helps my dry hands. Earlier this year, the company pledged tubs of hand cream for local NHS staff. Such a lovely gesture. 

I like to treat myself and when I buy the gorgeous, little gifts in drawstring bags for friends and family, I always get a little something for me! These lip balms are so lovely.

The strawberry lip balm is my fave and lovely for a little gift for younger children. This packaging is so cute!

At least once a day, more if you can, do something for you. You will feel more refreshed and then ready to help others too. 

It is hard with everything we juggle day to day but it is good to take a little time to enjoy the simple things. 

I love this from pinterest. The emphasis us on keep the things that make you happy small. Focus on them everyday. When we look for joy in the normal, everyday things, we have more chance of being happy. 

I love this checklist from the brilliant Sweatpants and Coffee on facebook. We write our To Do Lists and stress over the fact we only tick a few off at a time. Some things stay on the never ending To Do List! I love the finding people who like the same nerdy things and I also love the split second gratitude, where we get a rush of thankfulness and blessing. This could be walking in the park, hearing
birdsong, getting a spontaneous hug, watching your dog wagging its tail, hearing a compliment or laughing with a friend and getting that warm, snuggly feeling of being lucky to have them in your life.

The little things like human connection that we did sometimes take for granted, have really been missed this year with the pandemic. Things like being able to hug a friend or family member or being able to invite a friend around who is having a bad time. It is natural to just say, come over and I'll put the kettle on. It maybe a small thing, an instant connection with someone, a bonding over books you have read and ideas, dreams you have. These small moments are so big and magical and can last a lifetime, filling the people with love and understanding. 

So, whatever makes you happy, do it. Make many of these things small and attainable. Listening to music that takes you back and fills you with he impulse to get up and dance; getting lost in a good book; doing a jigsaw or crossword puzzle or getting out in the garden. It is important to dream of the bigger things, but the instant happy triggers are there, waiting for you to appreciate them. 

One of my favourite things, like in the song, is raindrops on roses, especially the sweet smelling yellow ones. They are so nostalgic and make me think of my grandma. Another fave is, as you know, a cup of tea or coffee and a good book. I love the ritual of coffee and tea making and the presentation of the teapot and china cups and saucers. It turns the everyday thing into a special thing and makes you feel special. 
I love my china cups and saucers. Many of my friends do too. This is one of my fave pics from my lovely friend whose photo I have used as my blog profile photo. I got her the mug for her birthday and I love it! 

I love following the hygge way of living, from Sweden. The idea of finding what little things  make you happy is lovely. In this fast paced age, it is lovely in your down time, to surround yourself with things that make you feel cosy and comfortable. It might be sitting with a good book or watching a film, listening to music or just resting. You may light some candles or wax melts, have a log fire or cover yourself with warm blankets whilst sipping hot chocolate. The idea is it is your choice of what relaxes you. And the big blanket. Well, obviously, you can't take it outside with you but it will be there when you get home!

I love everything about their gorgeous products but especially the amazing, fresh fragrances. Their lavender is wonderful and their lavender balm soothes your skin, especially with sun stroke!


I do struggle to fall asleep at night; my mind is always so switched on still. I have found meditating marvellous and this lovely range of lavender permeating through the room helps too! 

Every year, with friends and family, we would visit the Wonderfully Made in Yorkshire craft event at Silkstone church. This is the Prerty Little Treat stall
Looking gorgeously full of festive and pretty treats for Christmas gifts. It is always such a lovely event,full of marvellous makers! They are selling online still on their website and though facebook but no craft fairs this year.

Pretty Little Treat are also a available at the wonderful Made and Found in Yorkshire in the Ridings centre in Wakefield. Such a gorgeous, little shop, full of lovely local, handmade products and it is well worth a visit. 

As Christmas approaches I always enjoy buying local. Many of my prezzies are handmade. I may be drawn to a few TK Maxx specials, but they are mainly handmade! These treats for under £5 are lovely for Christmas. I especially like the chocolate orange lip balm and I would want to eat it! 

Pretty Little Treat Company are always bringing out new products and I love this new Christmas product.

These new melts are so gorgeous too. I will be treating myself to some! 

And there are gifts for men too! They can be personalised like this one.

The little things are there everyday for us. I love this quote about appreciating these things. 

One of the main reasons I support small businesses is the feeling you are receiving a personal service and buying products that have been handmade from the heart. I love to see the makers behind the lovely products. I love that it means something when you support their small business and love what they have made. These treats really are made from the heart. 

One of the things about lockdown has been the lack of being able to hug. With Pretty Little Treats, you can send a virtual hug through a box and lift someone's day. Let them know you are thinking of them. Such a gorgeous idea.


  1. Love Me Time but more than ready now for meeting up with Family and Friends!!!!

  2. Always a delightful read looking at the simple things in life, wonderful products sold locally 🛁💕 enjoy your relaxing bath time and treasure those thousands of tiny miracles in life


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