Water your own grass!

Water your own grass!

I love this quote. 

Many of us go through the 'grass is greener' phase. It is only human. As long as these thoughts are fleeting, that's ok. We may look over our fences or conifers and see a much greener lawn than our paved area with cracks and rockery that needs weeding. What do we do? We weed and fill in the cracks. Maybe, that is what we need to do in life too! We need to work on our cracks and fill in the places where something is missing. And we need to deweed, from the roots what is not working for us or is getting in the way. A bit like putting polyfilla in the cracks as we age! 

This is easier said than done. We do get distracted. It is only human to think about the greener grass, that better job, that bigger house and faster car. They are material things though. It might help to think about the fact you have a job and a car! I love my little car with its scratches. It takes me places, is easy to park and is as far from a status symbol than anything. Saying that, neither are my house, wardrobe or accessories! Now, if you were to look at my bookshelves and pottery collection, you'd see where a lot of my money went!

Think about this next quote. We do sometimes expect and assume things. How does the grass turn green and lush? Through sunshine and water. Be the sunshine in your own life, which then warms others and helps your grass grow.  Help others. Support others. Just remember to be there for yourself too. And water! Sometimes we all need to let things go, have a cry and a heart to heart. Save back a bit of water in that watering can as well. A little something for yourself! 

You see, we, like plants, need water and nutrients to grow. In addition to all the practical things, we also need the spiritual and emotional side looking after too. We are quite complicated!

I love this next quote. We talk to our plants (well I do) and our pets in that voice, you know that, baby voice? Imagine if we started doing that to folk who look like they needed it? The world would surely be much happier?

So, when you are longing for something else, for what your neighbour up the street has on their drive or in their garden, have a look around and take stock of what you do have. 

This quote is so important. I have shared it before and it always makes me smile. We need to spend more time looking after and worrying about the who, not the what. 

The three lockdowns and the pandemic have reminded us it is who, not what we have in our lives that matter. I love this quote so much. People are what matter. Our families and friends. The connections we make along the way. Our pets that share our lives and are family. 

We all have times when we compare. Like on that Go compare website! It is human nature. I find myself comparing my hair sometimes, to others. Or my coat. My mind does wander a lot! It is natural to compare. Just do not try to let it bring you down. The lady might have a newer coat on but she might be wishing she was brave enough to dye her hair purple, like you just have. You might be feeling insecure at the till with your old bag but the lady at the till might be admiring your lovely pair of new earings! I do love this quote. I have the Sale rail coat and the stacks of lovely books waiting to be read and enjoyed!

A lot of the time, what you might be viewing is actually gold plated. It might shimmer and shine like gold. But is it? Same with people. We do learn who is gold and who is gold plated. We do see the True Colours of people, Cyndi Lauper style.

It is great to look at folk and think, I would love to do what they are doing or be that. It is fab to have ambition and dreams. As long as you want them as you. You are you. They are them. Be proud of who you are. 

I have this fab book by Ruth Green I need to read. Her title says it all. 

I do love this pinterest quote. I love the idea of your grass being mobile! It is greener wherever you are. Look after yourself and your environment and your grass will look after you. The watering can, like the glass is not just 'half full', it is, as we know, 'refillable'!

This quote too is fab because we all can get complacent and get stuck 'in a rut' in life. Social media can make us think others are having much more fun with the constant newsfeed of meals, parties and trips out. We sometimes need a reminder that folk only tend to put the 'best bits'on here. Also, more importantly, instead of gazing over the fence at her at number 11 with the posh suit and convertible, pause and look under your own feet. You never know, someone at number 2 might be looking over their hedge at your magnolia tree or your new frock from Seasalt (sale bargain, of course!)


  1. Never felt envious of anybody! You never know whats going on in their lives.


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