Down, but not out.

It's true! You may be stressed, anxious, worried, fedup, worn out and jaded. And all these emotions in one day! But, like the quote says, you get on with it everyday and never give in; you don't stay down, instead you keep on, knowing things will get better. Like the Chumbawamba song, 'I get knocked down, but I get up again!'
This next quote is so important and fits us all. We all have bad days, or weeks, or longer periods. No matter what though, we don't let it defeat us. Instead, we keep going to work to take our minds off things, until work becomes stressful too. Also, we keep going for that coffee and chat with a listening ear and understanding heart, which is very therapeutic.

In this busy, stressful, modern day of living, we are told to be mindful, not mind full. I love this comparison and this advice. For too long has my mind been full of rubbish that really didn't matter in the end. I wasted a lot of time over folk and situations. I am working at this mindfulness. The best way I look at it is walking in nature and stopping to take that moment in. Look at the majesty of the trees and the formations of the clouds. Be the little bunny in awe of it all as you look up above.

I am living in the moment more. When you keep trying to relive your past and get the old you back who has gone, it's wasted time and emotion. Be excited for the new you and all your next moments you are going to enjoy. Try not to worry too much about the future and things before they even happen.

When I think about the w word, worry, I am reminded how much time I have wasted on this particular bad habit. It hasn't helped me, just hindered me. I remember coming across this clever quote by Newt Salamander from 'Fantastic Beasts'. It made so much sense and I really am working on worrying less, especially at night when I can't sleep.

I used to love Ruby Wax as a comedian in the 80s and 90s. Then recently, I read she'd researched and written some books about mindfulness, admitting she had had problems. This 'Frazzled' was me over a year ago. It's like putting weight on; it slowly creeps up on you that you are not coping and others notice it before you do. I aim to read this; it looks really helpful.

I watched her you tube video about mindfulness on a course I was on the other day. Actually on world mental health day. I was proper into it, listening and nodding along to points she was making. When the video was paused, I wanted to hear more and delve further. Her latest book looks very interesting too. She made so many good points about how we talk to ourselves and put ourselves down. Which links with this quote. We need to remember we aren't perfect and we are trying our best.

We are feeling down about something we did or didn't do, then we berate ourselves over it and feel double guilt. This is such a hard habit to break but we do really need to be nicer to ourselves.

I love this idea of caring about what you think, bot half the population! I'm starting to go with my gut instinct much more. Sometimes you can have too many people saying what they'd do or what they think but what do you think?

Remember your worth! Remind yourself of what you have done, how far you have come. Fill your head with your positives, your strengths instead of your negatives and your insecurities.

I will never forget someone telling me about the narrative we all have in our heads. This inner narrative is so important to how we deal with things and approach our every day life. Sometimes we have a shift and our narrative becomes very negative. We tend to not notice this ourselves because it is a gradual process. When we are told negative things about ourselves and criticised, we start telling ourselves we can't do things. The words we use are not affirming anymore. Once we realise this, we can try to be kinder to ourselves and choose less harsh words when we think. Imagine if we were as nice to ourselves as we are our friends? Start treating yourself as a really good friend. Hug yourself and give yourself that lovely pep talk you just gave your friend.

Our lives reflect the way we think. I have definitely started to change my way of thinking and I have already seen an improvement. Let's be proud of ourselves. I know so many brave people, staying strong, picking themselves back up, not moaning and getting on with it. This needs celebrating.


  1. Yes well done! It's true at the end of the day it's down to you!

  2. To be proud of who we are and accept our journey along the way as learning what’s best for us. Magic x thank you for writing ✍️

    1. Thankyou very much for your lovely words.


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