A bit of me time.

In this busy world where we are surrounded by noise and fed on a diet of social media, technology and massive flat TV screens, it is nice to escape this and just simply read a book whilst sipping a warm cuppa and maybe nibbling on a few Custard Creams!
I'm not very good with technology. I'm a dinosaur, in fact. End of the day I am old school. As a teacher, I loved my blackboard and chalk. When the Smartboards were introduced, I approached them with fear. Still do! I'm wary of kindles. Friends keep telling me to try one but I like the feel of the pages of a book. I love re reading romance books from years ago I read on the beach and the smell of sun lotion is still clinging to the pages.
I started reading big time at college. I would read anywhere. On trains and buses, cramming six chapters of reading into a hour's commute before my lecture. You can just go onto Google now for a book review! I loved reading poetry books too, sipping on hot chocolate from the vending machines.
My tastes broadened over the years. I love the memory of sipping chilled Chardonnay on my first trans Atlantic flight, reading the Classic Author magazines I'd excitedly found in the charity shop I helped in. Whilst sipping, I'd think about Alanis Morrisette and that black fly in her chardonnay. I've held on to that image to this day. I would even read whilst stirring my packet student soup, spoon in one hand and book in the other.
I will read anywhere but I love reading in cafes. Locke Park is a lovely place to sit with a book and a cuppa. Of course, a chocolate bar too! I always sit on the same table, same chair if possible for my reading journey to begin.

I love to drift away in the world of my book, occasionally drifting back into the room to hear snippets of conversation. Most times I can drift back to the words on the page quite easily but if it's teachers, for example on the next table discussing lack of creativity from the new curriculum and testing, Im back in that staff room again and I have to count to ten to stop myself going over and putting  my two penneth in. I go back to my warming cup of tea, my fave in a loveheart mug.

We are so lucky to have this wonderful cafe and when the door shuts on life outside you relax. Momentarily you hear shouts from the playground as the door is opened and closed. You are in your own little reading bubble with no distractions to burst it. Love it


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