Beautiful Bretton!

We are so lucky to have such breathaking places to visit. Bretton Hall and its surrounding park are definitely stunning! I love the montage of photos I've taken recently, showing the marvellous variety of trees. Just wonderful! Like these photos too with the sculpture set against the trees. I love roses and these are beautiful.

I used to go as a child and thought the field and lake went on forever! We'd take a picnic and stay all day till the sun was setting behind the trees. I loved the surprise of the contents of the picnic. It was great to see what flavour crisps you had and what the chocolate was. This was pre McDonald's!

We'd gaze up at the massive stone sculptures and run around the wooden totem pole. Then we'd wonder around the magical, musical garden full of wooden, fairy chimes. It was such a magical place of beauty when we were little, with the wind whistling through the towering trees. I had an amazing imagination back then, still do and I used to think a fairy family lived in the trees but were so tiny, we couldn't see them.

Bretton Hall was always a fascinating building and I'd wonder about all the different people who'd lived there over the years. It is seeped in history and I loved imagining the ladies dressing up for balls and gatherings. When older, I always wished I'd gone to college there. This photo from Facebook really captures how lovely the building, and views are.

We have seen many sculptures over the years and love the multicoloured Buddha and the All Schools are Art schools in particular. We love the Barbara Hepworth sculptures with the plain, dark stone and marble contrasting wity the leafy backgrounds.

The little exhibitions in the top gallery are wonderful. My favourite was Rob Ryan and his amazing paper lettering art. Such a talented, patient artist to create work like this below. His messages are often deep and meaningful and he has just created a Brexit message about us all coming together and remaining as one.

We also enjoyed the Mister Finch's The Wish Post exhibition. So much time and effort must have gone into all the detail! All the different, little creatures reminded me of the Bramley Hedge books. I loved the little letters that were part of the Wish Post. So magical! These pictures are from his Facebook page. The word whimsical was used on this page to describe the exhibition and I love that word!

I would love to spend loads of money in the gift shop at the end. The handmade jewellery and ceramics are so different and quirky. I can browse the books, pots and stationery for ages while everyone is wondering where I am. I normally sneak there for an extra peak on my way to the Ladies!
There are different walks here and we used to walk from the old car park, across the bridge over the lake, past the barn and back down to the concrete sculptures. I used to love walking over both bridges and seeing the lovely kingfisher; such a stunning creature. This photo, taken by Tatiana Hepplewhite is just gorgeous.

Now we park at the top and grab a take out coffee and sausage roll and walk past the Long Gallery and down to the smaller cafe for another take out and a pecan slice. Sometimes we go to the restaurant and sit on the balcony, looking out onto the gorgeous views. Bretton Sculpture park has celebrated Art without walls since 1997 and my goodness, this view from the balcony is amazing as it stretches out across the fields to the sky. Such a marvellous canvas!

The restaurant food is divine. The meals are proper home cooked meals. They even do an afternoon tea that I haven't tried yet!

We walk through the gate of the Victorian wall with our dog and keep her on the lead. We walk down to the small pond and that's where my favourite trees are ever. The variety of shapes, sizes and colours are amazing, especially in Autumn.

We also love the Sky Roof Garden. When you sit in there on the cold, concrete seat and look up at the rectangular roof it's amazing. Wow! The sky creates its own Art. Never one picture the same with the rolling clouds and the shafts of sunlight at intervals.

I could sit there all day long, just being. Although, the seating is concrete and I might get a stiff neck, so I'll probably just keep to the half hour!

I remember us going to see the poppies display back in 2015, when a few were brought up from the Tower of London. We went late Autumn, just as daylight was fading. We were walking towards the lake as others were walking back to their cars! It was so atmospheric, the three of us walking through the trees, the musical instruments playing their haunting tune at intervals and the light fading as we nearer the poppies. Then there they were. I know this is overused in writing, but they were like a sea of red. They really were. So stunningly breathtaking and us, their only audience. It was one emotional moment that, thinking of what the poppies symbolised. Very humbling.

There is so much going on at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, celebrating Art and nature. There are writing/poetry/craft workshops which look amazing! The parkland and galleries are free and I love their concept, 'Let's Set Art Free!' There were so many fab photos on their Facebook page but I just got these few.


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