Carry on coffeeing!

We love it at Fox Valley. It is lovely place to visit, especially in the Summer with the fountains on and the outdoor markets selling tasty local produce. There are a variety of fab shops like Paperchase, Seasalt and next. We love the old fashioned department store, Sanderson that takes you back in time with the uniformed door men. Joanna Lumley opened this outdoor shopping centre and their are pictures of the lovely lady on one wall. We also love the smaller, Family run boutiques such as Sorelle jewellers full of ranges like Danon and Orli. Their love heart pieces are stunning. The Little flower shop on the corner always has beautiful arrangements and unusual, wild flowers.

As well as going to Zorros and both Costas, we love going to Ponti's restaurant. We normally sit outside now with the dogs, under the yellow canvas shelter, near the heater. We sometimes have breakfast or lunch. The risotto is gorgeous. Other times, we sit with a flat white and then a double macchiato. We always joke that going to the Ladies is like doing a 10k as it is so far away! Not had a dessert here yet so may have to put that on my to do list!


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