Feel at home in Holmfirth!

I have always enjoyed visiting Holmfirth, famous for Last of the Summer Wine. I have lovely memories of visiting here on a Sunday walking round with a bag of chips then browsing the wonderful second hand book shops. One might have been called the Tollbooth. It had floor upon floor of books, wall to wall. It was a book lover's paradise full of hard backs. We also visited Daisy Chain books I think it was called. Up a cobbled lane, It was a cosy, little second hand bookshop. I always came home with a bag full!
More recently, the first book shop is now the marvellous Oxfam shop which we love visiting. We browse the amazing charity shops full of quality ware and go for an ice cream at Longley's cafe, my favourite being the ginger flavour brimming with crystallized cubes. The coffee is lovely there too.
On a recent visit in the cold rain, We were looking for a doggy cafe and to our delight, we found the gorgeous Ribbles Cafe. Dogs are allowed downstairs and we were given such a warm welcome. The food and drinks wet gorgeous and we loved the cosy atmosphere. We have visited since on a snowy day and again, we were welcomed in to the warmth from the cold.

We have also visited En Route dog cafe in Holmfirth around the corner from Ribbles. It was so funny. We walked in the door as were just commenting what a lovely place it was when a waitress fair ran at us from the corner to tell us the dog part was downstairs! We literally left straight away, with our tails between our legs! We attempted the downstairs door and were greeted with smiles and had a right good chat with the lady behind the counter. The tea was lovely and we said we would return again for something to eat soon. The dogs loved it and made themselves right at home.


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