It's a dog's life!

I love coffee and I love dogs! Put the two together and I am very happy!
I have recently become a very obsessed dog owner. This little furry thing has changed my life and for the better. It is only now, being a dog owner that I realise what a massive gap in the market there is for foggy cafes. We coffee drinking dog lovers appreciate a lovely, warm drink when we have been taken for a walk around a muddy field on a very windy day! There are many cafes where we are always welcome to drink al fresco but to go and sit in the warmth on a comfy seat with your got at your feet is my idea of heaven.
Our fave doggy cafe has to be Cannon Hall's The Lucky Pup. Although, after running around the park, Mucky pup is far more apt! We love the warm, cosy surroundings where you can try off near the fire. Everyone is so friendly and staff cannot do enough for you and your dog.

I love how you can order from the main menu and they craft doggy coffee art onto your lattes! They offer delicious doggy treats, including buns and doggy chocs. They sell fab handmade accessories like bow ties and bandanas. Best of all though, is the amount of friendly dog owners we have met here. People remember you and your dog from before and come over for a chat. Such a warm, cosy atmosphere. A must for dog lovers. Even if you aren't a dog owner. This one couple came in and said they did not have a dog but could they come in anyway? Love it!


  1. Congratulations Suzy on your first Doggy/Coffee Blog, I enjoyed reading it xx

  2. Great Suze !!! keep on blogging...

  3. Yes had lovely coffee and cake at the Lucky Pup with you.


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