Let us go then, you and I,
When the evening is spread out against the sky

This is the start of my fave poem by T.S.Eliot. it feels so carefree. Let's just go anywhere we want to, any time of day. These first lines are in stark contrast with the rest of the poem and they've always stayed with me. I love travelling locally and around Yorkshire to little, quirky villages and sprawling coastlines hiding beautiful, nostalgic bays. I love tripping off for the day. Sometimes seeing where the mood takes us and staying on until after the sun has set. On these days, there's no clock watching and no routine. The hardest questions are: Where is the nearest loo?
Have I got change to pay for the loo?
I grew up on magical days like this. Mainly to the East Coast but sometimes to Blackpool on a cold October day to see the amazing Illuminations and dance in Blackpool tower. These spontaneous trips filled with laughter and love shaped my childhood and we continue with them now. We just get in the car and off we go. If we are heading to the East Coast, we call off at Mcarthur Glen for breakfast or the Highway Man cafe and happily drive down the A64 carefree as anything.
There are so many gorgeous cafes and tea rooms dotted all around the East Coast and I've been to a few! We love the cafe at at Flamborough Head. The view is amazing as you sit on the cliff top. It's windy up there so the sheltered conservatory is great firckerping the view but staying warm! They have lovely food and drink with so many flavours of beer! The little seaside shop next to it has everything you will need for the day!

We love to visit Whitby with its gift and antique shops, vintage market and museums, bistros and cafes. We tend to park at the Abbey and walk down into the graveyard and then down the 99 steps. Much easier than coming back up! It's so wild at the Abbey and as you near the church you can imagine you are in Bronte times as Ann Bronte is buried there. The old gravestones and church are very atnospheric and on your way back up the steps, you feel Bram Stoker is walking with you. We have stayed at the Abbey's youth hostel and had such a good time that we would stay there again. We loved the fact there were bunkbeds in the room! I love to stop near the bottom and look at the fishermen's cottages, all compact, nothing out of place. Then the throng of people on the cobbles, window viewing the stunning Whitby jet jewels. It is lovely to call in at the old chapel that holds craft fairs full of special things. My favourite purchase was a set of pencil drawings by a local artist.

We love the quirky cafe and ice cream parlour on the other side on the front called Teare Wood's Luxury Ice Cream Parlour. We have deserved our tea and cake by the time We reach here! Oh, and an ice cream! A lot of steps to the Abbey to step those calories away! I've had a nosy and it's dog friendly so glad about that!

There are so many lovely cafes. We love Crumbs and Cobbles near the market with the antique shops or the old fashioned wholefood shop selling coffee, taking me back to my Saturday job, my favourite job where food was sold by the quarter, half and pound. We even sold fresh yeast! It is great to sit outside the Beachside Cafe with a coffee, looking out at the sea and the fishermen's boats, listening to the seagulls fighting over chips and hearing the bleeps from the Amusements.
I've a few cafes on my list for next time including: The Singing Kettle, Sherlocks Cafe and The Art Cafe. They sound such lovely, inviting places. You can hear the kettle singing in welcome as you walk through the door. I had a peek at Sherlock's on Pinterest and it looks brilliant.

We love the newish pub that used to be the tourist information. It is opposite The Trenches fish and chip shop. Proper nice place! Back to the pub. We sat outside sipping Whitby gin and tonic. When in Whitby.... It tasted so good. Lovely bottle too. Like with perfume bottles, I'm attracted to the presentation of them! Sun and gin- a good combination!


  1. The East coast is marvellous!

  2. I love Coastal bays and villages. So many beautiful ones on the East Coast!

  3. Love the East Coast and your blog!


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