Let's hear it for cafes!

Meadowhall has many lovely cafes. We love to visit different ones each time such as M&S, Costa, Starbucks, Pret and Cafe Nero. There are some smaller chains we love to visit like Coffika. The coffee is top notch and the square cakes taste divine. We keep saying we are going to sit upstairs but never do! The decor is fresh and soothing. I could just have one of their coffees now!

Further down from here is the fab cafe called Second Cup. This cafe has such a variety of coffee flavours and lovely savouries and cakes. I've visited a few times but only realised the motif the other day was a maple leaf so I googled and it's Canadian. I messaged my Canadian friend I was having a coffee and raising it to her. Miss my coffee buddy so it reminds me of her now when I come here. I think I actually still owe her a coffee and cake! Oops! I realised the name suits me because I'm always pushing for that second cup, wherever I am and whoever I'm with. One cup is never enough!

We also love Cafe Massarellas next to Debdnham. I can spend ages browsing in Debenhams so need a coffee when I come out! We normally have a flat white and a few of the little pastries, so small there are hardly any calories. Or so we tell ourselves!


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