Worsborough Mill

Another gorgeous place to visit is Worsborough Mill. We love it here in all seasons. We love to walk around the reservoir, especially as the sun is setting over the water. There is a lovely shop selling the mill's flour and Miller's cafe next door.
This is another dog cafe to we have added to our list and the food and drink is lovely. We sometimes grab a take out to walk around the reservoir with. Their sarnies are lovely and flavoured lattes. I keep saying I am going to try their Chai tea latte. I have seen special gin nights advertised which look really good.
There is a little playground you can go in and just past there is a lovely walk over two bridges and the other day was gorgeous with the blossom in bloom and the birds singing.

We enjoyed going into the mill museum as children and the massive wheel part always fascinated me. We visited one Christmas a few years ago and it was so magical. We baked bread with the elves then visited Father Christmas with flour all over us. Special memories made.


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