More Zorro Lounge

I was not aware that this quirky, magical place was actually a chain of cafe bars so I was really surprised when the new cafe at Fox Valley was Zorro Lounge. It is a little smaller but soon as you walk in, that lovely, vintage atmosphere hits you. What was even better was finding out this vibrant cafe bar is also dog friendly. We regularly take our doggies and they are given water bowls and treats.
Zorro Lounge staff are so friendly and the menu is amazing. Brunch is delish and the tapas is so good. I noticed a Vegan and Gluten Free menu too. I love the vibe here and the music played whilst you are relaxing. I also noticed there is a book shelf full of fab books for customers to do a book swap.
We love this eclectic cafe bar that does not feel like a chain of other cafe bars. You genuinely feel there is only one like it! I have heard rumours one is opening in Barnsley so that would be great! This place is so versatile. You can be there one morning having brunch, orange juice and a strong macchiato then the next minute sipping on Pinot Grigio and eating olives with your mates. It's a good place to go for a birthday meal. I will be going on mine!


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