Morning coffee lovers!

My first and last cup of the day are always tea but in between coffee all day.

I spend a lot of time visiting cafes and tea rooms. I love finding new places. If there is nook or a cranny selling coffee,  I will sniff it out and find it!

I love supporting new and local family run businesses as well as the big chains. I love them for different reasons.

I have visited so many small, cosy and friendly family run cafes and tea rooms. I feel I am home when I go to some. I love just sitting with a cup, sometimes with a book, just watching the world go by and taking in the ambience of the lovely place.

It is so rewarding being a regular of a cafe, where everyone says hi and asks how you are. They know what you are going to order before you do! You get a glimpse into the sheer hard work it is to run a cafe/ tea room. Us customers are privileged to reap the rewards of all their her work, a lot of it behind scenes.

One of my all time fave coffee houses is The Old George and I am always given a warm welcome here in this cosy, gorgeous place.
I can hear their coffee machime calling me now!

My favourite place to sit is in the conservatory at the back. There used to be a fabulous mural of a butterfly painted by Creative Recovery, a charity who help people recover from addictions using art. This is an amazing charity and we have seen them in action first hand when we used to visit Sara's cafe when it was open. The room has since been redecorate and even thought this is great, I miss the colourful mural.

When the upstairs was opened, we thought it was a very good contrast to downstairs and we call it the Blue Room. It's another good space for us to sit as friends for morning brunch as well as in the conservatory. I love the massive window letting in light and the original fireplace.

I love their new place, Old George Town Hall. We used to go to the cafes that were there before and look out of the windows at the children playing in the fountains. I remember the museum opening and the cafe at the same time. They had renovated the old bus from the carousel ride in the market that we loved to go on as children.
I love the decor and the freshness of the new Old George's surroundings with all the green plants. I especially love their range of vegan soups which are so tasty., especially the creamy kale. I was shocked that kale could be so tasty! The new menu is mouth watering and I plan to work my way down it. Looking forward to the mascarpone and peas dish. I think it is amazing what the Old George has done for Barnsley coffee lovers.

Now my friends and I do not know which cafe to go to so are kind of taking it in turns. Last week, we decided on main course at one and dessert at the other! The lemon croll was divine. Never had  croll before. There's a first time for everything! Had a deep discussion of how a croll and a donut is a cronut. Mind blowing!

I usually drink flat whites but the tea here is lovely. I love the coloured tea pots and the timers for the tea leaves. Tea is tea, whether it be in a plastic cup or a porcelain tea cup but I do love tea pots and tea cups. It's all in the presentation.


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