Pour some coffee on me in the name of love!

Had a lovely visit to the new cafe Bar in town called Pour Cafe. Named this because it serves coffee and gin. I only noticed later that the number 22 is in the logo as that is the shop number. Clever! We loved it straight away.
We ordered sandwiches and I had the special Pour 22 toastie with everything chucked in. I asked for a strong coffee so was given a double macchiato Americano and was impressed!

There was a good range of cakes and desserts. I can never make a decision so my friend ordered a piece of chocolate orange cake and we shared. It was so yummy! I noticed they did a coffee loyalty card so made a mental note to ask for one at the end. To add to my ever growing pile of loyalty cards. When I look at this pile, I think I need help and fast.

We sat in the window and looked across at the sixth formers, carefree and young. To be that age again would be amazing. Just to go back for a week, read some books, write some essays and get drunk on Snakebites and Green Monsters. Rose coloured glasses hey? I wouldn't want all that teenage angst and doubt again. I'll settle for my middle aged madness, coffee and gin thank you!
It was lovely reminiscing about what the cafe once was- the tobacconist shop Watsons, selling cigars, pipes and loose leaf tobacco. I loved this smell growing up. We'd go in and buy sweets by the quarter. I loved those butterscotch tablets but they've stopped selling them now. I remember the shop selling fancy dress bits too and cards, then later it sold sandwiches. Their egg and crunch bacon naps were very good. I was sad when it closed down. Another shop from a bygone age closing. We also remembered the pet shop Mabdons next door. We'd go most Saturdays and look at the rabbits and hamsters. It was such a small shop and had some gorgeous animals and birds.
The staff at this new cafe were so friendly and lovely. When we went go pay, I got talking to the owner about the gin wall of 106 gins! She showed me a tonic new to me too. They do a gin tray of 4 gins and tonics to try in lovely glasses. All for £11.22. I will be back! I was so engrossed talking about gin though that I forgot to get my new coffee card. Next time! As We were leaving, I commented on the Old fashioned standing cigarette trays outside. I loved twisting them as a kid! Fab memories all round on this visit!


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