Push it real good! Cafetierres are the best!

One of my favourite places to get my favourite cafetierre coffees is The Victorian Tea Rooms in town. There are around 5 different flavours and I love the Costa Ricca one. I love plunging the coffee and I love the taste! There are always nice flowers on the table. The Little touches mean a lot.

I love visiting here for the wide selection of homemade cakes. Their deep dish custard is gorgeous. I love to come here late afternoon and read my book. Everyone is so friendly and a hour with my head in a book, slurping quality coffee flies by.

There are a few more local places that offer a cafetiere locally but not many. One of the best is my lovely friend's house and she keeps her coffee in the fridge. Must Google that one! Cafewise though, A wonderful one is Wentworth Garden Centre that offers a cafetierre for two. If no-one wants one, I have one for myself! Why ever not? There must be something in the air at Wentworth because the village tea rooms offer a marvellous cafetierre too! The other place is the village tea rooms in Cawthorne which is gorgeous. The Potting Shed at Silkstone did one but unfortunately, They have stopped doing them.


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